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Church for Vancouver will encourage the Church of Vancouver to be more united as it works for the good of Metro Vancouver.

The Church of Vancouver is made up of all the churches, ministries and individuals who seek to follow Jesus Christ as their Lord.

Metro Vancouver extends well up the Fraser Valley. We will focus particularly on the City of Vancouver and its immediate neighbours, but will also take note of significant movements, events and people in the whole region.

I will do my best to nurture this site as it grows to maturity, in trust for the Church of Vancouver. Born and bred in Vancouver, I live here again with my family, after stints in Burnaby and Port Coquitlam.

The bulk of my working life was spent with Christian Info Society, which produced BC Christian News, Options Magazine, and directories of church, ministries, etc for British Columbia and several other provinces.

Flyn Ritchie


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  1. Arthur Pattison says:

    I am sure you have a great church and congregation from what I see, but I am sorry to see you seem to be ashamed to reflect your theology by revealing what denomination or religious sect you belong to. Are you ashamed to take a theological stand?

    • Flyn Ritchie says:

      Good to hear from you Arthur. My wife and I have belonged to New Life Community Church in Burnaby for about 37 years. We raised our five kids there and still think highly of the community, which is part of the Canadian Synod of the Reformed Church in America.

      My theology is broadly evangelical and ecumenical. I think you’ll find that I take a fairly strong stand on certain issues if you keep reading.

  2. David Panton says:

    Yes! A unifying resource for the church in Vancouver. I will be watching to see what develops in terms of programs to build a collective Christian presence here, but I would like to know if there are plans to make available other information that may make us challenge even our own faiths and assumptions about what’s really happening in the world?

    Where does the “Church in Vancouver” stand on such things as (so-called) global warming, pipelines, Site C, defense spending, government debt, etc, and are there avenues of getting ACCURATE information out to people when what is fed them by the mainstream media is usually and categorically false? Would we in fact be open to it even if it made us INDIVIDUALLY squirm a little?


    • Flyn Ritchie says:

      Thanks David. You make some good points. I try to deal with some of those issues, occasionally, but to address them fully is beyond the scope of what I can manage. All I can suggest is to read widely; there is a lot of good material out there alongside the dross.

  3. David says:

    I love this website. It lets me know about the Christianly happenings around me. I’m amazed of how up to date you keep this site. Bless you abundantly! 🙂

  4. David Innes says:

    Hi Flyn,

    Your website is great, and YOU are a real blessing to the body of Christ in Vancouver! Just saying . . .

  5. Great site! Unity in the Body of Christ is what we need to see more of. Bless you!

  6. Brent Unrau says:

    Hi Flyn:

    Great web site, such a great collection of stories and events that gives me the reader a chance to poke around what is going on in and around our local world from a Christian perspective.

    Brent Unrau

  7. William Hay says:

    Thank you for the hospitality you extended to me on my first visit to your church the day the sermon text from Romans was on hospitality. Thank you for sharing this blog site with me when our after church discussion showed your remarkable insights into the broad Vancouver Christian community. What a wonderful resource! In person and print you reflect well what Paul encouraged of Christians.

    • Flyn Ritchie says:

      Thanks for you kind words Bill. Great to meet you today; I look forward to seeing you again before too long.

  8. What a super encouraging site! Yes, Christians must unite. Your work is so inspiring . . . I’d like to see something similar here in Florida.

  9. website says:

    Your website is great. You need to keep up the good work

  10. Alex says:

    Thanks a lot for this interesting site.

  11. Neil Bramble says:

    Just seeing your site for the first time. Lloyd Mackey happened to mention it to me this evening. Great site.

  12. Tom Colgan, SJ says:

    Dear Mr Ritchie
    Hello Flyn
    Thank you for producing your website, it is something for a city I have not seen before. . . . Blessings to you and in everything the Lord is doing through you. Tom

  13. Audrey Martin says:

    Hi Flyn, you’re doing a great job!

  14. Phil Johnston says:

    Hi Flyn, great content as always! Thank you for bringing the voices of the church to us!

  15. Congratulations Flyn. This is an exciting concept.

  16. Flyn Ritchie says:

    Thanks for your kind words Sharon. I’m enjoying trying to keep up with all the good things God is doing through people all over Vancouver, in all kinds of pursuits. Please get in touch any time with things we might be missing. I sometimes feel I’m living under a rock too, when I find out what’s being going on without me knowing about it.

  17. Sharon Forsyth says:

    Dear Flyn –

    Congratulations on this new communication! I must have been living under a rock this past 6 months to have missed seeing this!!! So thank you for “finding me” and including me on your recipient list.

    You – and so many of the writers in your team – have served this community with thoughtful journalism and timely themes. Thank you for the years, and the new endeavours!

    May the Lord bless you all in this new addition to Kingdom work here in Metro Vancouver!


  18. Wayne Taylor says:

    Mr. Ritchie! Awesome. Keep me on your mailout list and I’ll keep my ears open for people who want to support this. Let me know how that works and how I can help.

  19. Ed Hird says:

    Flyn, This Church for Vancouver website seems to have you in your sweet spot. I encourage you to keep moving ahead in your major life contribution, shaped by your passion for John 17 unity.

    In Christ,

    Ed Hird+

  20. Great site Flyn! Something that the City needs to bring people together and to create better community.
    City In Focus

    • Flyn Ritchie says:

      Thanks Louise (and David, belatedly). There’s so much going on, it’s hard for most people to keep track of the opportunities. But there are lots of good signs of life out there.

      I was particulary thrilled, last week, to see the many ways in which individual Christians and churches participated in the Week of Reconciliation – and there are many other ways ahead of us to work together for the good of the city.

  21. David D. Fowler says:

    You’re off to a good start. Nice looking website – simple and uncluttered. Also a good variety of content. I will be watching your progress with interest.

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