Awakening to Love Revival: Gathering of the Golden Eagles

Date(s) - March 5, 2015 - March 8, 2015
All Day

Victory Family Church

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Hey Everyone!!

We are pleased to announce that Awakening To Love Revival Movement is hosting a west coast conference partnered with America and Canada called Gathering of the Golden Eagles! The conference will take place on March 5-8 2015!

We believe that God is going to radically encounter people with His love as we come together to rule and reign with Him, take dominion, and take back what the enemy has stolden. We believe that it is through the relationship and the intimacy with the Father (God) that we will be able to live out our God given destinies. One encounter with the true living God will change everything!!.

God’s heart is for you to SOAR INTO YOUR GOD GIVEN DESTINY for such a time as this! It is a time to shake off the things that have held you back and to enter into to what Papa has for you at this time! Do not worry and do not be afraid because the Lord is Here for you and He is your defender wherever you go! He is calling forth His eagles now! You will see what Abba has planned for you and you will go and you will soar!! Do not delay any longer because there are things the Father has for you! Nothing is going to hold you back any longer.

As we know it has been prophesied that the wave of God will come forth and we believe that this wave has already begun. Prophet Bob Jones Prophesied for those who don’t know in 2014 what we have been walking in it now.. This prophesy speaks about Love and the move of God that began mid-May of last year! That was exactly the time we started, with the Lord, the Awakening to Love Revivals..

Here are parts of His prophetic word declared in 2014 regarding this year (2015):
Ministry of the peacemakers..
-They show the Father’s nature, LOVE! The love of the Father is all authority to His sons and daughters. I don’t know how fast the fruit is going to mature after they bloom. But I do know that by the middle of May the blooms will be over and the fruit will begin. And from what I see, this fall will be awesome.
-This is what I see; the blooming of the apple tree will be our blooming in the spirit and worshipping the Father in spirit and in truth.
-Then the body will understand the Father’s divine nature; love. He loves you! Scripture plainly shows that God loves us; it is His nature because He is LOVE. (1 John 4:8) The peacemakers’ entire nature will be characterized by His love and love will be the fruit they bear.

All this is wonderful and we are all given a responsibility to live out what the Father has put in our hearts and spoken through the words of prophesy. We are the generation who seeks His face. As a generation of radical lovers rising in the earth we have the opportunity to walk in a tremendous wave of love that has been prophesied about and to live out our God given destinies as the Father has given us the invitation. As we come together in this conference in extravagant worship, high praises, soaking in the Fathers love, and receiving golden keys for breakthroughs, let us have a few things on our mind. Let us lay down our own agendas for that of Gods’, love the Lord our God with everything, and love our neighbours. God is calling us to be a generation of radical lovers who will influence all parts of the society, thus transforming Canada, America, and the nations of the world. We are called to be lovers of God who give away that love to the seven spheres of influence in the world (religion, media, business, government, family, education, arts and entertainment).

What are you called to do? why are you here? who are you? Come and discover the Father’s love that will awaken things in you that had gone dormant. Come and give your weekend away for the sake of love and see what God will do for you.

Everyone is welcome…believer or non believer. This is a love awakening and a love revival for the gathering of the Golden Eagles. You are that eagle and it is time to soar into His love and to soar into our destinies. He is awakening hope! Come and be filled with this tremendous love that will break every chain; that will bring breakthroughs, hope, acceptance, freedom, physical and emotional healing, deliverance, and restoration.

Bring you family! We receive you as you are, call you His child, and MUCH MORE! We cannot wait and are stoked to be able to get the opportunity to love on you and to see you break through into your destiny as sons and daughters of God. It does not matter what the others have said to bring you down. You were meant to be celebrated, beloved one, and spoken destiny into. What does God say over you? It is time to shake off all the words of man and break through. You are a champion, you are God’s beloved child, and you are chosen for such a time as this!

We are offering times for private sessions for 1) inner healing and deliverance, 2) prophecy, and 3) physical healing. To sign up for these groups, please see Sebastian Olaru. For all other inquiries or if you would like to volunteer in any way, please see Shane Loriault, Sebastian Olaru, or Monica Kasprzak All are welcome. You are loved and you are needed!

A free will offering will be taken at every session. Also, if the Lord leads you to give before the conference, please feel free to approach us or to use the pay pal link below. If you are coming from out of town, please let us know and we will see if we can find accommodate your stay.

We look forward to seeing you soon! We believe in you!!!

(Worship will begin at the beginning of every session.) (Subject to change depending on Holy Spirit.)

Thursday, March 5th
-session 1: 7-11pm+

Friday, March 6th
-session 1: 9:30am-1pm
-(lunch break): 1-2:30pm
-session 2: 2:30-5pm
-(dinner break): 5:30-7pm
-session 3: 7-11pm+

Saturday, March 7th
-session 1: 9:30am-1pm
-(lunch break): 1-2:30pm
-session 2: 2:30-5pm
-(dinner break): 5:30-7pm
-session 3: 7-11pm+

Sunday, March 8th
-session 1: 6:30-11pm+


10664 135A Street, Surrey BC V3T 4E2

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