Change, Loss and Growth: Staying Connected to God in Difficult Times, with Mark Anderson

Date(s) - September 25, 2021
9:30 am - 12:30 pm

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As we face the 4th wave of the COVID-19 Pandemic and, at the same time, paradoxically participate in the partial reopening of society, we experience many mixed emotions: hope, discouragement, fear, uncertainty, and exhaustion, to name a few. Our hearts long for the comfort, strength, and reassurance that can only come from God … but in times of change and adversity, He can seem far away … and yet, we sense that these hard times are also precious opportunities to grow spiritually.

Join us for this 3 hour journey, together seeking to connect with and hear from the Living God Who is both great and near, infinite and intimate, powerful and personal. What is He saying? Doing? Growing in us? Longing for us to receive?

Brief times of teaching will provide guidance, while practical exercises offer opportunities for everyday believers to experience God active in our lives. We will also have spacious times for response and discussion, supporting each other in unfolding health and well-being.

Together we will learn about times of transition (liminal space), take account of what we have lost, write a lament crying out to God, and consider together the opportunities for growth and maturing that are before us. What new and good things are being painfully birthed by God into our broken and suffering world? What are each of us being called to be? Called to do?

About Mark Anderson

Mark Anderson is an engineer by training who, after graduating from Regent College, served as the Pastoral Team Leader of Marineview Chapel in Vancouver for 17 years. He now works as a full-time Whole Life Coach and Spiritual Director with leaders in Ministry and the Marketplace scattered around the world. Mark is passionate about helping everyday followers of Jesus experience His Loving Presence personally and be formed into their Christlike selves.

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