Creation Science Meeting: Hugh Ross vs Carl Wieland (video)

Date(s) - October 21, 2017
2:00 pm - 5:00 pm

Willingon Church

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A 2 hour Video will be shown; Title: ““Hugh Ross vs. Carl Wieland – A Gracious Dialogue on Genesis and Creation””

Speaker: Dr. Hugh Ross: Dr. Ross has a Ph.D. in astronomy, is a full-time speaker and author increasingly popular among evangelical and charismatic churches, schools and ministries. He has a weekly television program on the Trinity Broadcasting Network. He is currently the head of a non-denominational, worldwide ministry dealing with apologetics, especially Bible-science issues. He opposes atheistic evolutionism and teaches Progressive Creationism.

Speaker: Dr. Carl Wieland; Dr. Wieland is in great demand as a speaker on the scientific evidence for Creation/Flood, and its relevance to Christianity. Able to hold audiences (both academic and lay) with his knowledge, easy-to-listen-to style, and ever-present humour, he has lectured extensively in Australia and internationally. Dr. Wieland is Managing Director of Creation Ministries International in Brisbane, Australia.

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