Culture Seep: How Vancouver Culture is Changing the Way We Worship

Date(s) - May 30, 2017
7:00 pm - 9:00 pm

Vancouver First Christian Reformed Church

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James K. A. Smith argues, in Desiring the Kingdom, that humans are not primarily thinkers, but lovers: creatures who desire. But there are warring factions for our desires; our surrounding culture provides us with compelling visions of “the good life” that often differ drastically from the vision of “the good life” given to us in Scripture.

We are shaped toward these contrasting visions through shared ritual (liturgies)—our gathered Christian worship on the one hand, and various cultural practices and habits on the other. But what happens when cultural habits and visions enter into the way we gather as Christians? Is culture always a negative influence? Do we want cultural patterns to enter our patterns of gathered worship without consideration to their effect? 

Culture Seep is an opportunity to gather to hear about the challenges and opportunities that cultural liturgies present for our gathered worship contexts. It is also an opportunity to discuss together the specific context of Vancouver in this light, creating space for connection regarding shared experience.

Together, we hope to increase attentiveness to the patterns that often influence us unseen—and to provide a framework for understanding things that are already affecting our congregations without our awareness. Understanding the way in which transformation happens in the location of communal ritual can not only help us more fully understand our community—it can help us to work toward positive growth and change personally and corporately.

-7:00-7:30pm: Connecting and Refreshments
-7:30-8:00pm: Lecture – Stacey Gleddiesmith (Worship Arts Director, Columbia Bible College)
-8:00-8:15pm: Table Conversation
-8:15-8:45pm: Panel Discussion of Vancouver Leaders, hosted by David Warkentin
-8:45-9:00pm: Q&A

Sponsored by Columbia Bible College and Christ & Cascadia Journal. 

Hosted by First Christian Reformed Church (2670 Victoria Dr.)

*No cost to attend

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