David Baird: The Power of Civility

Date(s) - February 13, 2021
11:00 am - 12:00 pm

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How is a Christian supposed to live and thrive in a time when individuals, churches, and religiously affiliated institutions struggle with increasing social and legal pressures to conform or compartmentalize their religious convictions?

Dr. David Baird suggests that part of the answer might be found in recovering an ancient and increasingly uncommon art of civility. More profound than mere manners, civility in a philosophical sense springs from a recognition of the deepest commonalities that hold a civilization together. Tying this into a distinctively Christian understanding of the nature and purpose of human culture, Dr. Baird draws upon the example of Jesus Christ and the grand narrative of the biblical witness to suggest how a generous, proactive dedication to civility might not only reaffirm the fundamental goodness of human civilization, but also intrinsically participate in its redemption.

This lecture offers a timely perspective on how cultivating a tough, generous, and sophisticated Christian sensibility might offer a key both to weathering the social struggles that will endure until the realization of Christian hope, and to living beautifully in the meantime.


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