ELO Webinar: Jesus on Economics & Entrepreneurship – An Interview with Jerry Bowyer

Date(s) - January 20, 2021
12:00 pm - 1:00 pm

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Can we learn anything from Jesus and his teachings in relation to economics generally and entrepreneurship specifically? When we know about the specifics of ancient economies during the time Jesus walked the earth, not skimming over details such as places, names and occupations, we see a clear pattern emerge: Jesus had positive views toward those who were wealth creators and negative views toward those who extracted wealth using political power and manipulation. Jesus does not disapprove of wealth in general. Rather, Jesus makes moral distinctions based on how wealth is obtained. Those who obtain riches through cronyism and political manipulation are treated differently than those who build wealth through value creation. The ancient economy was made up makers of wealth and takers of it. His harsh words about money are aimed at the extractive class, not the entrepreneurial class.

Check out Jerry’s recent book, The Maker Versus the Takers, here>> http://ow.ly/q7ps50D3reI


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