God and Reason: A Christian Perspective (Wednesdays)

Date(s) - January 13, 2016
3:30 pm - 5:00 pm

Simon Fraser University: Room AQ 3003

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3:30pm Wednesdays, Rm AQ 3003, beginning Wednesday January 13, 2016 and continuing to March 9, 2016.

God and Reason. A Christian Perspective, is a free public lecture series that explores our cultures most common questions and objections of the Christian faith from an academic point of view. The general argument made throughout the series is that the Christian faith is logical, reasonable, and consistent with academic reasoning. Each session features a 30 min lecture by an SFU professor, followed by a question and answer time with students in the class. After each class there will be refreshments and time to informally mix and interact with all four faculty members.

The lectures are informal and friendly, and the goal is to create an atmosphere where students of any faith background (or none) feel comfortable asking questions regarding any matter of faith or disbelief.

The lectures are open to anyone interested in matters of faith and we welcome everyone from any (or no) faith background.

The objective of the lectures to provide students with a clear understanding of the logical foundations of the Christian faith. These foundations often stand in stark contrast to the way Christianity is portrayed in the press and popular culture.

God & Reason Schedule, Spring 2016,

Does God Exist? Philosophical Arguments

Does God Exist? Empirical Arguments

Has Science Refuted (Christian) Faith?

Is the Bible Reliable? Isn’t the Bible full of myths?

Jesus: Man, Myth, Prophet, God?

Are Truth & Morality Subjective?

The Bible & Sexuality

What Is the Meaning of Life?


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