Healthcare & the Christian Life Webinar

Date(s) - November 23, 2023
11:00 am - 12:00 pm

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What features define human life? How do individuals and communities understand and withstand suffering and pain? What is good dying? In our time, these essential human questions are often viewed primarily as bioethics issues. In reality, these are not exclusively medical or bioethical enquiries. Rather, they are questions that all human individuals and societies ultimately wrestle with.

This coming January, Dr. Quentin Genuis will be teaching a week-long course on “Healthcare and the Christian Life.” Join us for a one-hour webinar as Quentin introduces some of these topics and previews the course. This event will be held fully online over Zoom.

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Dr. Quentin Genuis is an emergency physician at St. Paul’s Hospital in Vancouver and the Physician Ethicist for Providence Health Care. He holds a Master of Letters from the University of St. Andrews. He teaches in academic, clinical, professional, and lay settings on a variety of issues related to bioethics. His research and writing interests include the autonomy debates, end-of-life care, compassion, human dignity, addictions, and theological anthropology. He enjoys drinking Scottish whiskey, reading Dostoevsky, and slacklining. He loves his wife, Kalyn, and their four children: Lila, Rowan, Elias, and Junia.

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