Inklings Institute Event: The Symbolic Geography of C.S. Lewis’ ‘The Great Divorce’

Date(s) - November 16, 2022
7:00 pm - 8:30 pm

Trinity Western University (Norma Marion Alloway Library)

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When the dreamer of the The Great Divorce arrives from hell into a new realm, he observes “a certain difference. I had the sense of being in a larger sort of space, perhaps even a larger sort of space, than I had ever known before.” Travel through the spacious trans-mortal realms of The Great Divorce is not tracked by kilometres or leagues, but by moral depth and breadth. C.S. Lewis proposes a theory of journaling toward God through his symbolic instantiations of place, which concerns suffering humans on a pilgrimage from this world to that which is to come.

Richard Angelo Bergen, a TWU Alumnus, is a current PhD student at The University of British Columbia. He was a former research assistant of the Inklings Institute of Canada, and has published several articles and essays on Lewis and Tolkien. He is presenting some of his research for a book project about spatial symbolism in C.S. Lewis’s dream vision novel.

Venue: TWU Library, Glass Room (Or join by zoom)

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