JMP Webinar: Continuing the Conversation – Leading Beyond the Billboard

Date(s) - January 17, 2018
8:00 am - 9:00 am

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January Webinar

Continuing the conversation: Leading beyond the billboard

While the unravelling of protestant churches continues to preoccupy many leaders, we are continually amazed at what we see emerging as God is fermenting something else outside of and beyond our walls. We believe the Spirit is inviting us to join something that is far past mending and reforming, a way of living and leading beyond the billboard.

We are hosting a conversation table to reflect together upon what we are learning about leading in this new space. Join Sally Mann, Alan Roxburgh and friends in our wider learning community.

Live Webinar: January 17 @ 8am PT / 11am ET / 4pm BST

Sally Mann, JMP Editorial Team Member, describes beyond the billboard;

Broader Western imaginations, our constructions, the ways we expect to see God to work and the ecclesial structures that we have relied upon to ‘do mission’, are falling apart. Some might feel called to try and repair them, to make them work again; to do more of the same, only better. Perhaps this is because we have been slow to notice the beautiful view behind the billboard? Could it be that what looked so ‘set in stone’ in our ways of thinking about church and mission were temporary constructions of our own making; perhaps useful for a time, but disassembling now. How should we feel about this? One option is to embrace the shift; to be hopeful. Beyond this deconstruction, if we attend well, do not panic or attempt to seize back agency, signs of something new and beautiful might be emerging.

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