Law, Land, Religion and Reconciliation: A Colloquium

Date(s) - May 4, 2023 - May 6, 2023
12:00 am

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The John Albert Hall Lectures are a multi-part speaker series featuring expert perspectives on the changing role of religion in contemporary society. Support for this series is generously provided by the Anglican Diocese of Islands and Inlets John Albert Hall Trust. Lectures are free and open to all members of the public and university community.

This workshop will explore the implications of the existential shifts in religious life for the stewardship of religious property in contemporary Canada. What are the moral and religious obligations of a religious community that has a lot of assets, deeply-felt religious and social commitments, but few congregants? Why (if at all) is it important for religious communities to honour the wishes of donors from generations past? Whose voices should guide decisions about the future management of institutional property? Where do tax considerations and registered charity status fit in? How are different religious communities responding to changing social realities in Canada in terms of their property use, and what can we learn from these experiences?

There are talented scholars, clergy, religious institutional staff, and policy-makers working on these questions, and we will gather a cohort to explore and examine the intersecting issues they raise. We invite you to register for this exciting event of May 4-6, 2023, if you are planning to attend in person.  Refreshments will be provided for in-person audience.Read program here

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