LifeCanada presents ‘The Culture Call’

Date(s) - December 15, 2020
4:00 pm - 5:30 pm

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Announcing our NEW program:
The LifeCanada Culture Call for youth and young adults!

Are you a high school senior, high school graduate, university student or recent graduate?

Are you wondering what you think about the pro-life position?

Perhaps you are pro-life but have a hard time articulating your position?

Perhaps you feel like it is a hopeless proposition and you should just move on?

Maybe you are very passionate about this issue but don’t know where to go from here?

Perhaps you are a skeptic and would like to have this and other issues explained?


Is the pro-life position “anti-science”? 

Does the pro-life position oppress women and force them to bear children against their will?

Doesn’t bodily autonomy trump any concern for the ‘fetus’, especially when it is a burden to the woman and her future plans?

Is abortion not an essential “reproductive freedom”?

What about end of life issues?

Shouldn’t a person have the right to choose the manner of their own death?

Is it not a personal decision that doesn’t affect anyone but the person who is in real pain and desolation.

Isn’t it cruel to keep people alive and in pain? 

What about the idea that whatever we think to be true for us, is in fact true?

Shouldn’t each person be able to act according to their own “truth” based upon their own experiences and feelings?

What are “principles” and are such principles like the “the end doesn’t justify the means” still relevant?

If you have wondered about any of these ideas, or if you would like to engage meaningfully with people who do, we would love to have you join us!

Come and hear from people who have experienced first hand many of these very questions, and who have found that the current narrative in our culture is profoundly lacking.

Join us for live, on-line webinars every other Tuesday night at 7:00PM Eastern Standard time / 4:00PM Pacific Time for great discussions with the pro-life movement’s most dedicated individuals.

If you are seeking answers, and ultimately your own personal happiness, we challenge you to take part in this excellent on-line webinar series!

Calendar of Events:

Tuesday, September 15 – Natalie SonnenAre universal Principles still relevant today?

Tuesday, September 29 – Tabitha EwertHer Choice Alone? Women & Abortion

Tuesday, October 13 – Blaise AlleyneThe Case for Life: Assisted Suicide

Tuesday, October 27 – Michelle CaluagApologetics of the Heart

Tuesday, November 24 – Cam CotePro-life 101

Tuesday, December 15 – Blaise AlleyneTheory of Action vs Theory of Change


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