First Nations Worldview Training Session

Date(s) - May 24, 2014
9:00 am - 3:00 pm

First United Mennonite Church

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This seminar will cover an “insiders” view of what is accepted as some “global” concepts around First Nations philosophy, worldview values, beliefs and paradigms.

You will be challenged to choose from 2 apparent opposing worldview system paradigms to guide you in:
1. Understanding your own view,
2. Understanding your view of the predominant cultural view,
3. Your view of “church” culture,
4. Your view of First Nations culture all with the intent of finding common ground and bridges of understanding.

This is a “toolbox” of sorts you will be acquiring to find means to dialogue with other worldviews, cultures and even faith systems outside of your own.

The morning will start with cultural questionnaire and the day will take on a more academic discussion as we work out what your results of this self-exam will be.

There will be a break in the middle for a brown-bag lunch – or go to the many different food options on Fraser.

Remember this is a snap shot of where you will be in your worldview for that day. After our day’s work your view may change or solidify depending upon the discussions.

The end purpose for this seminar is to give you the proper tools to engage First Nations peoples in your community with a real understanding of heart, mind, soul and relationship.

It will show you how native people view the world and why we say and do the things we do. It will give you tools to avert your own misconceptions and fears when dialoguing with Indigenous peoples. It will also give you the best foundation to build relational bridges of reconciliation with your Aboriginal neighbours in your community and give you courage to develop restorative relationships with our native peoples.

Come prepared to be personally challenged but to be encouraged and enlightened in this exciting learning opportunity!

There is nothing like this presentation elsewhere – so come and take in this great time of learning.

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