Project Dovetail: SOGI Training for the Church

Date(s) - March 7, 2020
9:00 am - 3:30 pm

Cedar Grove Church

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Pastor Paul Dirks is a leading voice in the Canadian Church today addressing the issues of Sexuality and Transgender Ideology which are challenging our Parental Rights and Freedoms of Speech and Religion in our democracy. His training and academic study of the issues has qualified him to speak with great authority and wisdom informing Parents, Pastors and the Faith Community intelligently and with credibility.

The Dovetail Training is, in essence, a 21 century apologetics response to one of the greatest challenges facing Christians in our Western Culture. I fully recommend my dear friend and colleague.

– Rev. Giulio Lorefice Gabeli, Senior Pastor, Westwood Church, Coquitlam, President of the Association of Christian Ministries Vancouver

Pastor Paul Dirks is, to my knowledge, a formidable lay-expert in Canada/BC on medical research pertaining to transgender and homosexual health outcomes, both physical and psychological. He has done extensive and objective scientific research into these complex and often misunderstood topics.

– Zoltan Horvath, MD, FRCPC, FAAP

Little children are being taught girls can become boys and vice-versa. Female privacy and protections are being compromised. Unhealthy sexual behaviors are being celebrated. Gender dysphoria is a social contagion. Parents are being told they cannot prevent their adolescent’s medicalization. Schools refuse to tell parents what is going on with their children in schools. And young kids are being sexualized. All of this is happening under the guise of inclusion. Most people don’t even know what is really happening in our schools and culture until it hits their family, and then it is often too late.

Project Dovetail is a one-day training event to train Christians in understanding the seismic shift going on in our culture and giving them the tools to respond: key facts to know, approaches to take, and how to speak cogently, compassionately, and courageously on the topics of gender identity (transgender) and sexual orientation (homosexuality). Come learn what the mainstream media will never tell you. Our approach is grounded in both Scripture and the best peer-reviewed secular research.

This training event is for parents, grandparents, teachers, politicians, advocates, Christian leaders, Pastors, and concerned citizens. Lunch and resources are included in the cost.

Other endorsements:

A critical shift has taken place in our culture which has brought with it the total redefinition of human sexuality, personal identity, and marriage. This shift comes complete with new and profoundly unbiblical paradigms. Paradigms that frankly threaten the future of the church as we currently know it. Pastor Paul Dirks is a man that God has uniquely called and gifted to help equip and retool the church for this critical juncture of history before the return of Christ. We Pastors due to the demands of our everyday ministries are largely ill-equipped to face the vicious onslaught that is creeping closer and closer to each of our church doorsteps. I can’t recommend more highly or strongly that every Pastor take this vital Dovetail training. – Pastor Kevin Cavanaugh, Lead Pastor, Cedar Grove Baptist

Project Dovetail has been an incredibly eye opening course for my leaders and I. It helped us understand the threat against our moral values and how to stand against this threat. I highly recommend this training. – Pastor Wes Daase, SPA Church

Over the last two years pastor Paul Dirks has made a very valuable contribution to the churches of Metro Vancouver with the Project Dovetail seminar. He has the ability to combine clear biblical teaching with cutting edge research to bring much needed clarity on contemporary social issues. Project Dovetail is an important resource and I have no hesitation in recommending it to other pastors and ministry leaders. – Pastor David G Carson, Secretary, Association Christian Ministries Vancouver

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