Promise Keepers Canada National Men’s Conference: DISRUPTIVE

Date(s) - November 24, 2018
8:45 am - 5:00 pm

Cedar Grove Baptist Church

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Think of the words you would want someone to use when they describe you – words like intelligent, strong, kind, wise, brave, and trustworthy come to mind.

How about DISRUPTIVE? When we think of the word disruptive, usually negative examples come to mind: the overactive kid in a grade 3 class, a baby crying during a sermon, or a city crew digging up the water line on our street. A disruption is like an interruption with attitude, an unexpected change. It intrudes into our life and demands attention.

What would it look like to let Jesus disrupt your life and use you to be a Godly disruption —to be a disruption of grace, offering real hope and change? Join thousands of other men across Canada as we explore what it means to become a disruptor and find the life of significance you are longing for!

Includes special youth breakout session.

Speakers: Bill Farrel, Phil Wagler, Jim Beaulne, Kirk Giles, Andrew Thompson

Tickets available at or by calling 1.888.901.970

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