Run For H2O

Date(s) - June 21, 2014
10:00 am - 12:00 pm

Riverfront Park

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Run For H2O

Why A Run? 

Run For H2O seeks to raise money as well as awareness, compassion, and generosity for sustainable clean water projects to Guatemalan communities in desperate need. We believe that the provision of water will transform communities in poverty to have hope of a sustainable future.  All funds raised go directly to HOPE International Development Agency, a registered, non-profit international development organization currently working in 22 countries.

Run For H2O will take place along the Fraser River in Southeast Vancouver and Burnaby as a visual reminder of water.  With new developments rising and more to come in the future, new residents and life will be infused into the area,  it only seems fitting that while a new community is growing, it’s residents can also be part of a movement that restores life into another community in need of access to clean water by supporting Run For H2O.

H2O is the chemical name for water and as a play on words, it also represents Hope 2 Offer, the name of the leadership team and our goal – to offer hope to those who don’t have much of it.

We hope you catch our vision of making the world a better place by giving hope through clean water.

Why Water?

It is one of the most basic and critical human needs, and one of the most cost-effective forms of humanitarian aid with most long-term impact. Provision of clean water transforms families and whole communities living in poverty, and brings hope for a better future. Clean water replaces spread of common bacteria causing disease and illness with health, sanitation and hygiene.  It allows for the cultivation of corn, beans, and vegetables for a more secure supply of food throughout the year and better nutrition.   It also allows families to keep and care for livestock like chicken, sheep, pigs, and cows, which provide families with eggs, meat, milk, and farm labour.  Clean water relieves the great burden on women and children to walk hours to collect and carry heavy loads of water each day from distant sources.  With a supply of clean water close to their home, children are not only healthy – they are able to go to school and learn their way to a better future.

In helping these communities meet this basic need, we celebrate with them the possibility of a better future, and help water new hope into reality.  Run For H2O is not primarily about an event; it’s a fun way to come together to raise much-needed funds as well as awareness, compassion, and generosity for Guatemalan communities in desperate need.

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