Sheree Plett

Date(s) - September 19, 2013
9:00 pm - 11:00 pm

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Sheree used to wear a shirt that read “100% Dreamer”. She must have gotten it before we met, but the more I grew to know her, the more appropriate a uniform that shirt became. When we met eight years ago, she lived and breathed music. It inspired me then as it does today. Now, with our one year old son, and a baby on the way, Sheree is as much a dreamer as ever.

Early in our marriage, we left security—our jobs, our family, our friends—for music. Touring non-stop, we inflicted much suffering on more than just a few old vehicles. After a few years of paying bills with our music (with money that often showed up like manna in our desert) I decided I’d like a more simple, maybe even “regular” life; Sheree (maybe reluctantly) agreed. A month later, we were expecting our first child.

Ever since Sheree and I got married, we have always been in pursuit of what we thought was the “good life”. Making music, touring in vans, living somewhere in the country, perhaps in community with others, having lots of kids, living on the fringe…

…sometimes I get distracted though. Or “life” happens, as they say. I get ideas that maybe we should buy a car from a dealership, something new where the trim doesn’t fall off and the wipers work. Or try to buy a big house that we can’t afford. I get lost, but Sheree rarely does. She’s a constant beacon for me.

That’s why she is the best kind of dreamer. She never loses sight of reality like so many of us do. A dreamer in the sense that she sees through the fantasy land that is modern-day living. She’s the real deal. She’s determined. Tough as a farmer, but the softest of mothers.

That’s probably why I’m Sheree’s biggest fan. Her head, her heart and all she is gets poured out into her music. When I hear her subtle voice and simple lyrics, it reminds me what I am and how I should be.

No matter the jobs, the cars, the houses, I hope she never quits making music. I think I need it just as much as she does, because I might actually believe in her more than I do in myself.

-Jeremy Eisenhauer (proud husband of Sheree Plett, proud father of her kids, proud musician in her band)

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