Tass Saada: Once an Arafat Man

Date(s) - November 1, 2015
6:30 pm - 8:30 pm

Surrey Pentecostal Assembly

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Tass Saada will tell of his transformation from a Palestinian militant into a Christian who works for the good of both Israel and the West Bank and Gaza Strip.

After the humiliating Arab defeat in the 1967 war with Israel, Saada joined the Fatah Forces (Palestine Liberation Organization under Yasser Arafat). He was trained as a sniper to kill Jews; he also trained children to fight and kill Jews.

His life changed dramatically during the 1970s though. “After several years with Fatah, family circumstances drew him back home. Then, desperate for a change, Saada moved to the United States in 1974, married an American girl (Karen), and became successful in business.

“He gained American citizenship in 1979, and in 1993 he had an amazing conversion from anger to love, which is covered in his book, Once an Arafat Man.

“Although he enjoyed his life in the US, Saada realized the people of his homeland were still trapped in a cycle of violence, poverty and despair. In response, he and his wife founded Hope for Ishmael, a religious organization intent on making a difference, one life at a time, in Israel and the West Bank.”

Saada is here as a guest of ICR Canada, “an inter-church organization which provides spiritual and material assistance for persons who are persecuted as a result of their Christian beliefs.” The largest of his engagements will be held on Sunday (Nov. 01.15) at Surrey Pentecostal Assembly.


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