The Young Messiah

Date(s) - March 11, 2016
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Fictionalized story of seven-year-old JESUS and the time leading up to the biblical story of his family finding him in the temple of Jerusalem with the teachers of the law. JESUS, not yet aware of his divine patronage, struggles to understand his powers after accidentally striking a bully dead, then secretly resurrecting him. The locals are not sure if JESUS’ abilities are of God or Satan (the fears are exacerbated by a DEMON in human form that only JESUS can see who uses the power of suggestion on the mobs of people), so JESUS’ parents MARY and JOSEPH decide to pack up and move towns again with JESUS’ half-brother JAMES and his aunt, uncle, and cousin. While they are moving, KING HEROD, the son of the HEROD from the Nativity story, who ordered the murder of thousands of children in an effort to kill Jesus after he was born, feels his authority threatened by the birth of the Messiah and sends a Centurion, SEVERUS, to find and kill JESUS.

Adam Greaves-Neal
Sean Bean
Jonathan Bailey
Sara Lazzaro
David Bradley
Isabelle Adriani
Christian McKay
Lee Boardman
David Burke
Agni Scott

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