Vance Nelson: The Brief History of Mankind – Evidence for the Tower of Babel

Date(s) - June 7, 2019
7:30 pm - 9:30 pm

Riverside Calvary Chapel

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Based on the Biblical description of events in Genesis 11, all the different people groups of the earth were in one location just a few thousand years ago. If this is true, is there any evidence for this? Is there cultural evidence found among these supposed isolated people groups themselves? What about archaeological evidence? This lecture will take you on a visual exploration around the globe. These and other questions will be answered with photographic evidenced. Do we all go back to Babel just a few thousand years ago? Prepare to be amazed!


Vance Nelson is the director of Creation Truth Ministries, and holds earned degrees in theology and biology. Vance spends much of his time doing original research in areas such as palaeontology, geology and archaeology. He has a real love for studying God’s Word and God’s World! He is also author of four exquisite books in the Untold Secrets of Planet Earth series.

No charge for admission – an opportunity will be provided to make a donation.

Creation books and DVDs will be available for purchase.

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