Book Launch: I’m the Bob & Cathy’s Kid

Date(s) - May 16, 2019
12:15 pm - 1:30 pm

Regent College (Room 100)

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Join Betty Ann Batt, Aga Karst, Sylvia Doane, and Jane Huff for a lunchtime lecture and book launch sharing the remarkable story of Suzanna Bailey which is documented in the book they co-wrote (with Dr. T. Hurwitz), I’m the Bob and Cathy’s Kid: Emotions—Love and Fury.

I’m the Bob and Cathy’s Kid is the story of a woman named Suzanna Bailey and the challenges that she and her caregivers faced after one full half of her brain was removed in order to control her epileptic seizures. No one was prepared for behavioural consequences as she lost regulatory control over her basic emotions. Her behaviours represent the extreme end of loss of inhibitory control similar to behaviours seen in individuals with neuro-developmental disorders, autism spectrum disorders and other brain injuries, including trauma. The book engages with science, but it is also a human story. Behind her difficult behaviour lies a human with hopes and dreams and who can, with the right approach, be allowed to optimize her potential, love others, be generous, and strive to succeed.

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