Healing in Colour: Stories of Race, Faith & Mental Health

Date(s) - June 9, 2021 - June 11, 2021
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Dal Schindell Gallery

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How can art help someone process their experience with mental health challenges? What stories have gone unheard in our faith communities? Are there wounds and stigmas we have perpetuated or overlooked? How can the Church be a supportive and safe place for the journey of healing? What can we all learn about beauty, hope, and healing when we listen to the voices of marginalized people?

In conversations about mental health and faith, the experiences of Black, Indigenous, and peoples of colour individuals often go unrecognized. Yet there are real disparities in the accessibility and quality of mental health care for BIPOC people and communities.

Healing in Colour explores the intersection of race, faith, and mental health. Featuring Black, Indigenous, and peoples of colour artists from around the world, the show highlights their experiences, wounds, and journeys of healing. The collection includes a variety of mediums, from linocut to dance to acrylic.

Artists reflect on the role their faith plays in how they understand mental health challenges and aspects of the recovery journey, exploring themes of mental illness, stigma, recovery, companionship, and self-care. If these lived experiences are a prism through which we view the world, the beauty that exists in our humanity and relationships to God and one another is reflected through them.

Through their stories and reflections, artists raise awareness and open the door for conversations about the particular experience of living with mental health challenges for BIPOC individuals, and how their faith and culture have impacted their healing journeys. We invite you to listen to these stories and consider how they might shape you and your faith communities.

Healing in Colour will be hosted in-person and online by the Dal Schindell Art Gallery at Regent College in Vancouver, BC.

Viewings and curator conversations will be available by appointment, following government guidelines for COVID-19 safety. Please check back for updates on how to request an appointment.

Since 1990, the Dal Schindell Gallery has been a place where people are invited to make meaningful connections between art, theology, and the human condition. It has proudly displayed paintings, drawings, prints, sculpture, calligraphy, and many other media from exhibitors around the world. The gallery’s multitude of solo and group exhibitions have come from as close to home as Vancouver and as far away as Australia and Russia.

We value artwork that stimulates thought and reflection on the beauty and complexity of the world and on fundamental questions of meaning and identity. Art can disrupt, focus, and provide pivotal perspective shifts. Alternatively, art can heal, articulate hope and remind us of our common humanity. It is a joy to collaborate with Sanctuary Mental Health Ministries for the Healing in Colour exhibition.


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  1. The provincial government should recognize that British Columbians have souls, We have spiritual needs. For many of us, these needs can’t be fully accommodated by shopping at Wal-Mart.

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