The Leaders’ Series: Dr. Paul Rowe – Has ISIS Already Won? The Future of Minorities in the Middle East

Date(s) - November 9, 2016
7:00 pm - 9:00 pm

TWU Richmond

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The Islamic State has been waging a bloody campaign for conformity in the Middle East. Its genocidal violence against minority communities has driven historic communities of Yezidis and Christians, along with dissenting Muslims, from their homes and into exile. 

Though coalition forces have encircled ISIS and may soon defeat it in the field, the radical movement has brought irreversible changes to the region. ISIS has all but exterminated minority communities in northern Iraq and Syria, accelerating an ongoing process of decline. In so doing, has ISIS already won? Can there be a future for minority populations in a post-ISIS Middle East?

November 9, 7 p.m., TWU Richmond, Room 401/402

Admission is free, but please register.

Eventbrite - Has ISIS Already Won? The Future of Minorities in the Middle East


Dr. Paul Rowe

Professor and Coordinator of Political and International Studies

Rowe completed his undergraduate studies at the University of Toronto, where he studied international relations and the history and literatures of the ancient Near East. He later earned his MA in political science at Dalhousie University, writing primarily on the political economy and related security issues of the Middle East. He completed his PhD at McGill University in 2003.

His dissertation focused on the politics of Christian minority communities in Middle Eastern states. He has spent extended time in the Middle East and continues to study the politics of religious groups in developing countries and at the global level.


Dr. Paul Sedra, Associate Professor of History, Simon Fraser University


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