1 comment for “Missions Fest 2017: Acquainted with grief

  1. Met Brian about 2 years ago by chance. I was riding my pedal bike and offered a cartoon booklet gospel tract to a man walking his dog. We got into a conversation and Mr. McConaghy told me about the ministry. The powers of sin and the demonic realm is why we have all the evil in the world from abortion drugs crime evolution lies gangs porn lust fornication adultery cults ouija boards astrology tarot cards satanism divorce lies hate greed fear war terrorism . . .

    In the gospels Jesus cast out “unclean demons.”

    On the daily news we hear of teachers both male and female being charged for having sex with their student(s), MDs crossing the moral line, on and on . . . Kinda sounds like “the days of Noah.” Matthew ch 24

    God bless you Brian and all involved with Ratanak International. Much needed and not only for Cambodia, but other poorer countries where sex abuse is a problem. Actually every country . . .

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