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Some key decisions will be made at the General Synod of the Anglican Church of Canada, which will run from July 10 – 16 at the Sheraton Vancouver Wall Centre on Burrard Street in downtown Vancouver. The theme of the synod is ‘I Have Called You By Name’ (Isaiah 43:1).

A Call to Prayer from the House of Bishops outlined the main issues:

General Synod 2019 will bring three important issues before the Church: The proposed revision of the marriage canon; a primatial election [the primate is the leader of the Anglican Church of Canada]; and Indigenous self-determination, in addition to other areas of our common life together.

We know that the consideration of same-sex marriage has been painful and caused deep concern across our Church.   Although we are not of one mind on this matter the House of Bishops, in Christian love, affirms:

That Indigenous Peoples will seek God’s direction on these matters in their own way and in their own time.

That we have two views of marriage that are held by the faithful of the Anglican Church of Canada.

That clergy be protected for holding, teaching and, with permission, exercising either view of marriage.

For more background, a Word to the Church: Considering the proposed amendment of Marriage Canon XXI was passed by the Council of General Synod March 16, 2019.

The planning committee for the Anglican General Synod included the Very Rev. Peter Elliott (third from left), who is retiring from Christ Church Cathedral this year. Go here for full list of names:

A July 8 editorial letter by Anglican Journal editorial supervisor Matthew Townsend gives a sense of the potentially divisive nature of the General Synod. Here is a portion:

Many have made note that this General Synod could see debate over challenging subjects – especially the marriage canon. There are two places in which you can engage these topics directly: in comments on the Journal’s website and on the Journal’s social media feeds. With this invitation comes an expectation: that we will respect one another as beloved children of God, regardless of how upset we might be. . . .

For my part, I will say this: I will not tolerate bullying, belittling or insulting comments, or hateful expressions of -isms or -phobias. Bring your disagreements, your concerns, your Scripture, your conscience, your experience, your hopes and your pain – but bring your love, too. . . .

Many of us remember the battles in the Diocese of New Westminster over the blessing of same-sex marriages and related issues without much pleasure, but we can all agree with Townsend’s admonitions – and pray for God’s will to prevail.

Go here for the General Synod website. It is possible to follow the proceedings online:

Gavel-to-gavel live streaming of General Synod 2019 will be available on the General Synod 2019 website home page. Coverage starts on Wednesday July 10 at 7:30 pm with opening worship from Christ Church Cathedral. View the GS2019 agenda to see more details of when Synod will be streamed.

Go here for ‘General Synod: a Primer.’

Andy Crouch: technology

Andy Crouch will ‘put technology in its proper place’ next week at Regent College.

Andy Crouch is probably best known for Culture Making, the 2009 Christianity Today Book Award winner. He argued:

It is not enough to condemn culture. Nor is it sufficient merely to critique culture or to copy culture. Most of the time, we just consume culture. But the only way to change culture is to create culture.

One of his major passions has been to examine the role of technology in our culture. And he will deliver a lecture on Putting Technology in its Proper Place next Monday (July 15) at Regent College.

Here is a description of the evening:

In the blink of an eye, devices have filled our homes and workplaces. They make our lives easier in countless ways. But do they make it easier to become the kind of people we actually want to be? We need a concerted movement to make more thoughtful choices about technology, especially in the most formative places of our lives: our schools, places of worship and our homes.

Drawing on his best-selling book, The Tech-Wise Family, Andy Crouch will describe a path toward a healthy relationship with technology at the most important places and times of our lives.

I posted an article by Crouch earlier this year: ‘Six ways to know if your home has technology in its proper place.’

Crouch will be teaching the class Rebuilding the Household: Family & Church in the Technological Age from July 15 – 19 as part of Regent College’s 2019 Summer Programs.

Street cleaning

Mission Possible tweeted this notice of available jobs July 5.

A story in Daily Hive this week reports that Mission Possible is one of several agencies likely to receive city funding to support street cleaning jobs:

A municipal program that helps keep Vancouver’s streets clean and provides employment to the homeless and low-income individuals will see a major funding boost this year.

Next week, Vancouver city council is expected to approve a city staff recommendation to increase the budget of the 2019 Street Cleaning Grants initiative by $405,000.

This is in addition to the $1.21 million in funding that was approved in February 2019.

The funding will go towards low-barrier employment programs of non-profit groups and agencies that interact with the city’s most vulnerable populations, including United We Can, Coastal Mental Health Foundation, Mission Possible Enterprises Society, Family Services of Greater Vancouver and The Kettle Friendship Society.

Mission Possible is “a community economic development agency in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside” which offers two types of work:

Transitional employment

Mission Possible offers a Work Readiness Program that can lead to transitional jobs through our social enterprises, MP Maintenance and MP Neighbours. We also provide potential work opportunities through other employers in Vancouver.

Permanent employment

Mission Possible is a wonderful place to work and we are on the look out for good people to join our team. Currently we have openings for supervisors in our social enterprise, MP Maintenance.

Go here for the full story and here for more information on Mission Possible jobs. Mission Possible is offering a tour of its work July 18.

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