Around Town: Bethel Music, Pro-Life Apologetics, no jail for TWU guard

Abbie Gamboa is the special guest with Bethel Music.

Bethel Music has become a dominant force worldwide in the arena of worship music. And their touring team will be at the Pacific Coliseum next week (June 9).

There is little doubt that the majority of churches in Vancouver sing some of their songs, so you can expect some familiar worship music if you attend.

Reporting for Religion News Service last spring, Bob Smietana wrote:

A new study found that Bethel and a handful of other megachurches have cornered the market on worship music in recent years, churning out hit after hit and dominating the worship charts.

The study looked at 38 songs that made the Top 25 lists for CCLI and PraiseCharts – which track what songs are played in churches – and found that almost all had originated from one of four megachurches.

All the songs in the study – which ranged from ‘Our God’ and ‘God is Able’ to ‘The Blessing’ – debuted on those charts between 2010 and 2020. 

Of the songs in the study, 36 had ties to a group of four churches: Bethel; Hillsong, a megachurch headquartered in Australia; Passion City Church in Atlanta, which runs a popular youth conference that fills stadiums; and Elevation, a North Carolina congregation with ties to the Southern Baptist Convention.

“If you have ever felt like most worship music sounds the same,” the study’s authors wrote, “it may be because the worship music you are most likely to hear in many churches is written by just a handful of songwriters from a handful of churches.”

Among the critics of the trend is Regent College professor Mark Glanville, author of Improvising Church: Scripture as the Source of Harmony, Rhythm and Soul (InterVarsity Press, 2024).

He writes about “the troubling dominance of globalized worship music,” noting that American and Australian megachurch musicians “cannot possibly possibly write songs that will adequately nurture the lives of diverse witnessing communities in their distinctive neighbourhoods.”

Nonetheless, their worship music remains a popular staple in a wide range of churches, both here and around the world. 

A 2022 article in Christianity Today described how Bethel became so focused on music:

Bethel Music began as an extension of the music ministry at the Redding, California charismatic megachurch. Within the first couple years, the budding label had released worship hits like ‘Love Came Down’ and ‘One Thing Remains.’

From 2014 to today, its singles have consistently landed on the Christian charts, with six songs reaching certified gold, two certified platinum (‘It Is Well’ and ‘No Longer Slaves’), and one certified double platinum (‘Reckless Love’).

Bethel’s trajectory, in some ways, illustrates the shifts in the Christian music industry over the past decade: Worship music has become a mainstay of Christian radio, worship artists are in high demand for live arena tours and major worship groups are up for Grammys.

The musicians leading the evening will be David Funk, John Wilds, Paul & Hannah McClure and special guest Abbie Gamboa (Upperroom).

Several more worship evenings are on the horizon:

Pro-Life Apologetics

Riverside Calvary Chapel in Langley will host a Pro-Life Apologetics Conference this Saturday (June 1).

Here is their description of the event:

We are inviting everyone to come out and learn to speak to people regarding the facts about abortion, effectively and simply.

In this afternoon seminar you will hear from some wonderful guest speakers about what the Bible has to say about abortion, what science has to say about abortion and some logical and ethical arguments for a pro-life position.

We urge everyone to come out and join us to understand more about this incredibly important issue of standing in the gap for the pre-born, made in the image of God!

For more information or questions, please contact Pastor Jeff at [email protected] or call the church office at 604.539.9673.

The guest speakers are:

    • Jared Burns, Love Life Washington State Catalyst
    • Beth Burns, Director of Abundant Life, Washington
    • Lisa Barnett, Executive Producer at Mighty Motion Pictures

No jail time

Jack Hutchison was found guilty of manslaughter in April, but the judge who convicted the former security guard at Trinity Western University ruled May 17 that he would not be required to spend any time in jail.

B.C. Supreme Court judge Catherine Murray said 55 year old Hutchison “is clearly a broken man . . . because he caused Glen’s death.”

Murray said of the incident in her oral reasons for sentence:

Put briefly, on September 20, 2018, Glen Hill was wandering through student residences on the Trinity Western University (TWU) campus. He rifled through some rooms. Many of the residents asked Mr. Hill to leave. It appeared to students that he was experiencing a mental illness or was perhaps under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs. Students were troubled by Mr. Hill’s presence in their residence. Some students were fearful for their safety or the safety of their belongings.

Students reported the above to Mr. Hutchison, who was the lone security guard on duty at TWU that day. Mr. Hutchison went looking for Mr. Hill a number of times with no success. He continued to receive reports from students. Mr. Hutchison finally saw Mr. Hill walking away from a residence. Mr. Hutchison identified himself as security and asked Mr. Hill to stop to talk to him. Mr. Hill turned and looked at Mr. Hutchison then he bolted. Mr. Hutchison chased after him.

The two men ran between bushes, then Mr. Hill turned suddenly and made a bee-line across the field toward student, Abigail Thompson, who was standing alone in the parking lot near the field. Mr. Hutchison tackled Mr. Hill and took him to the ground.

Hill fought back, swearing and spitting at Hutchison. (His actions that evening seem to have been out of character. Murray earlier stated: “I know from the victim impact statements that [Hill] was kind and gentle.”)

A CBC News article stated:

In her sentencing judgment, Murray expressed how difficult it was to rule in the case, having to balance the loss of a life, details of Hill’s mental illness outlined in court proceedings and Hutchison’s testimony that he was fearful, just trying to do his job and did not intend to contribute to Hill’s death.

“It is truly a tragedy all around. Two families have suffered immeasurably,” she wrote.

Hutchison, who is First Nations and does not have a criminal record, will serve his 18-month sentence in the community, which includes remaining at his residence between midnight and 6 am.

Murray also stated:

I accept that when he placed Mr. Hill in a headlock, Mr. Hutchison was fearful for his safety and the safety of the others on the campus. Further, I accept that Mr. Hutchison’s fear was reasonable at the beginning. It became unreasonable as time went on and Mr. Hill stopped moving.

She added:

Mr. Hutchison does not have to be deterred from committing further criminal activity. He is of good character. Nor does he need to be rehabilitated. Given the unique circumstances of this case I find that the paramount consideration on this sentencing is general deterrence. This sentence must send a message to others that neck restraints must be used sparingly and with caution.

Go here for the CBC News article and here for the Murray’s oral reasons for sentence.

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1 comment for “Around Town: Bethel Music, Pro-Life Apologetics, no jail for TWU guard

  1. With reference to Bethel, Hillsongs, etc. As a Regent alum I have noticed with some sadness the trend towards ‘discounting’ popular contemporary worship music (e.g., Marva Dawn and now Mark Glanville).

    Perhaps the ‘worship academics’ of the day were ruing the impact of all that Charles Wesley hymnody (1700s) and Welsh Revival chorus stuff (early 1900s), let alone Scripture in Song and Vineyard movements (60s, 70s, 80s).

    Renewal spawns new music. Too accessible to the masses? Just a thought.

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