Septuagint Series: How Reading the LXX Helps Us to Read the New Testament

Date(s) - October 19, 2022
7:00 pm - 9:00 pm

Northwest Seminary

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Join Dr. Larry Perkins as he considers intertextual perspectives.

“‘Bring the Scrolls, but Especially the Notebooks’ (2 Timothy 4:13). Intertextual Perspectives: How Reading the LXX Helps us to Read the New Testament”

This event is also available on this Zoom link.

Dr. Larry Perkins

A graduate of the University of Toronto Ph.D. program in Septuagint Studies (1980), the University of British Columbia (B.A.(Honours), M.Ed.), and the Oxford University (B.A., M.A.(Oxon)), Larry Perkins has published various Septuagint-related articles. His dissertation, completed under the direction of Prof. John Wevers, considered the translation technique of the Syro-Hexapla of Deuteronomy, seeking to provide greater precision in the use of this source for establishing the Old Greek text of Deuteronomy.

Currently he is Professor Emeritus of Biblical Studies at ACTS. His teaching occurs primarily in Greek exegesis with a focus on Old Testament and New Testament issues and Septuagint Studies. He is completing forty-five years of teaching with NBS. He is also a Fellow in the John William Wevers Institute of Septuagint Studies, a leading Canadian research network related to Septuagint Studies.

A member of the network of scholars that produced A New English Translation of the Septuagint, he contributed the translation for the book of Exodus. A commentary on the Septuagint of Exodus is in process. Other publications include The Art of Kubernēsis. Leading as the Church Board Chairperson (2019) and The Pastoral Letters. A Handbook on the Greek Text (2017).

Recent publications include articles on the interpretation and understanding of various texts in Greek Exodus, including “Divine Distinctiveness in Greek Exodus (With Special Focus on the Plague Narrative)” (2022), “Yahweh’s κατοικητήριον (Exod 15:13, 16-18): The Nature of Yahweh’s Relationship to the Land of Canaan in Greek Exodus” (2020), “Observations on the Plague Narrative in Greek Exodus: Strategies Used by the Translator to Shape the Narrative” (2019), and “Reshaping the Story – Tracing The Translator’s Hermeneutical Fingerprint in Exodus 19” (2012).

As well, he has published various articles related to Mark’s Gospel, namely, “‘Drinking it New in the Kingdom of God’ (Mark 14:25) – an Assertion of Ownership?” (2021), “Mark 13:14 – A Cryptic Prophecy of the Messiah’s Death?” (2019), “Mark’s Use of the Verb Σκανδαλίζεσθαι and The Interpretation Of Jesus’ Visit to Nazareth,” (2012), “the interpretation of the clause “Let the reader understand” in Mark 13:14” (2009), and “The use of Jeremiah in Mark’s Gospel” (2009), and “The use of Exodus in Mark’s Gospel”(2006).

He also has served as President and Dean of Northwest Baptist Seminary and Dean of the Associated Canadian Theological Schools (TWU).

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