Gear for Good Causes: turning unwanted music & sound gear into $$$ for charities

Self-confessed “music gear nut” Gerry Teichrob has found a way to turn his passion into a boon for churches and charities.

Many churches have closets full of unused music and sound equipment taking up space and, in some cases, waiting to hit the landfill.

Gear for Good Causes came from Gerry Teichrob’s brainwave to accept the challenge to change that.

And he has! He has picked up, tested, cleaned up and, if need be, repaired these hidden treasures, giving them new life and purpose. He then sells them and gives 100 percent of the funds he receives according to the donor’s choice.

He has recovered more than 140 pieces of equipment, from soundboards to amplifiers, donated by 25-plus churches and individuals.

So far, more than $17,000 has been raised and given away in this endeavour – a mutual benefit to churches and charities.

Teichrob says:

I have greatly enjoyed working with many local churches and also loved buying and selling music gear; I thought it could work to combine these two parts of my life to do something special. I love to see music gear that otherwise might wind up in the landfill find a good home.

Having worked with over 75 congregations in my work as a transitional pastor and church consultant, I noticed that almost every church has a closet full of unused, unwanted or leftover music and sound equipment collecting dust.

Gerry Teichrob plays with Quintessential Jazz Band.

In addition to Pathways Forward – his ministry working with local churches – Gerry is also an active jazz musician with Quintessential Jazz Band and a self-confessed “music gear nut.” As a musician, Gerry has bought and sold music gear all his life so this whole project is a natural fit.

To date, about half the funds raised by Gear for Good Causes has gone back to the donating church and the other half to worthy charities. Worship pastors are always happy to see their unwanted music gear become funds for their music budget!

Charities that Gear for Good Causes has supported include Mission Possible, Acts for Water, Ukraine Relief Fund, MCC, Long and McQuade Music Therapy at BC Children’s Hospital and Journey Home Community for Refugees. Gear for Good Causes hopes to expand its support for churches and charities.

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