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Clay Imoo is back for the second year with a song to cheer on the Seattle Seahawks as they aim for a repeat Superbowl win February 1.

Imoo, who directs the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Vancouver’s Youth and Young Adult Ministry Office in his spare time, is an enthusiastic Seahawks fan. He has again teamed up with Marie Hui and Arielle Tuliao to create ‘Blank Space,’ a Taylor Swift parody song which praises the Seahawks and disses their opponent, the New England Patriots.

Imoo (responding to an enthusiastic comment about their YouTube video) said:

My job is to write the lyrics, while the ladies’ job is to make it sound good haha. In all seriousness, I feel a good parody has to have enough references to the original song (including extremely close . . . if not identical lyrics) yet an obvious knowledge of the subject matter. . . . For this one in particular, we like the song because it’s catchy, it’s current, and a few lines of the original song lend itself well (ie. “Cause you know I love the players . . . and you love the game”).

Also important is the cadence of the words and the phrasing. I work very hard to ensure that the reworked lyrics are the same syllables as the original. Thus, it’s more identifiable and less of a stretch.

Last year the trio put out ‘Soar,’ a parody of Katy Perry’s ‘Roar,’ to support the Seahawks.
watotochoir2015Watoto: O Canada for the Canucks
The Watoto Choir launched a six-month cross-Canada tour on the West coast earlier this month. They have stopped in at several local churches, and will take part in Missions Fest on Saturday (January 31) and a Relate Church service on Sunday.
But before they head east, they will also sing O Canada at Rogers Arena on Sunday, before the Vancouver Canucks play the Minnesota Wild in a midday game. (Check out this video link; they were a hit when they did the same thing last January.)
Watoto is a “holistic care program that was initiated as a response to the overwhelming number of orphaned children and vulnerable women in Uganda, whose lives have been ravaged by war and disease.” Currently, Watoto cares for about 3,000 children. The choir is made up of children from Watoto communities.
Jeffrey Greenman will start as president of Regent College February 1.

Jeffrey Greenman will start as president of Regent College February 1.

Jeffrey Greenman takes over at Regent College

Regent College will have a new president as of February 1. Jeffrey Greenman, currently executive vice president and academic dean, will become the fifth president since Regent College was founded in 1968.
Roger Laing, chair of Regent College’s board of governors, said that when current president Rod Wilson told them just over a year ago that he planned to step down, the board, the constituency and the faculty initiated a “search [that] took us around the world . . .”
But in the end, Laing said, they ended up back at Regent College:
After an extensive nine-month search that included conversations with 60 different leaders around the world, our presidential search committee unanimously recommended Jeff for this role.

Completely unsolicited by us, these leaders repeatedly told our search consultant that we already had the best possible candidate in Jeff. He is recognized throughout theological education networks as an outstanding leader and administrator. 

Jeff has an impressive resume filled with academic and professional achievements, but most important to us on the board is that the trajectory of the heartbeat of his life matches the heartbeat of Regent College. . . .

I’ve watched him honour the faculty and listen carefully to those people whom God has called here, and to make sure that those people are positioned properly to serve God in the ways that he has equipped them to do.

Rod Wilson has served the college well for the past 15 years. As we look forward to a new season under a new president, please join me in celebrating God’s great provision.

Prior to joining Regent in 2013, Greenman served at Wheaton College in Illinois as associate dean of biblical and theological studies and professor of Christian ethics. Before that, he held a number of administrative and teaching positions at Tyndale Seminary in Toronto.
He is the first alumnus of Regent College to become president. He received his MDiv in 1988, having been awarded the prize for the student who most contributed to student life.
In accepting the appointment as president, Greenman said:
The future that I see for Regent emerges out of the past. It emerges out of our historic commitments to equip the whole body of Christ with a deeply transformative education. It’s still what we’re about.

At the beginning, we were very innovative and creative. We were doing something that nobody else had ever done: graduate theological education for the laity, for the whole people of God. What excites me is that now, there are opportunities for new and creative ways of opening up access for more people to have this kind of education.

An October 21, 2013 article in Church for Vancouver noted Greenman’s appointment as academic dean at Regent College: Change of leadership for VST, Carey and St. Mark’s / Corpus Christi.
From the temporary office across the street from Lynn Valley United, Kelly Jenner is "capturing the changes" to the site over the next 18 months, on the Lynn Valley blog.

From the temporary office across the street from Lynn Valley United, Kelly Jenner is “capturing the changes” to the site over the next 18 months, on the Lynn Valley blog.

Lynn Valley United featured

A recent Globe and Mail story noted that “Urban churches are sitting on some of the priciest real estate in the province, and they’re using the situation to their advantage.” Kerry Gold reported that:
Lynn Valley United Church has partnered with Marcon Developments to redevelop into a smaller church building and transform the current parking lot into a four-storey, 75-unit condo building.
The 65 year old building was in need of repair, and with a shrinking congregation, it had to reinvent itself. The church set up a redevelopment committee that approached the developer, and together they figured out a plan to build a new church facility and create an endowment fund for the congregation. For Marcon development manager Nic Paolella, the idea to partner with a church was unusual, but intriguing.

“In Metro Vancouver, as we are facing escalating house prices and land constraints, and we thought that it would be an interesting opportunity to engage with churches because they do often hold key sites in fantastic areas that could benefit from having a more urban use,” Mr. Paolella says.

This model represents Central Presbyterian Church's hopes for the future.

This model represents Central Presbyterian Church’s hopes for the future.

The article also looked at Central Presbyterian Church:

In the West End, near St. Paul’s Hospital at Thurlow and Pendrell, Rev. Jim Smith and his Presbyterian church chose to embark on a different business model. Instead of redeveloping their land for market condos, they chose to expand the church and build rental housing that would take the form of a 22-storey tower. Bosa Properties will own and manage 162 market-rate units, and the church will own and manage 45 units as a housing society, set at affordable rates and intended mostly for seniors.

Central Presbyterian Church took on the project not because its congregation was shrinking, but because it was growing.

“We were out of time and space,” Mr. Smith says.

For the full article go here. Church for Vancouver has covered Central Presbyterian here and here.
centreatnaramata1Naramata closing
There has been a considerable amount of consternation and grief in United Church circles since it was announced January 21 that the Centre at Naramata in the Okanagan was to close immediately. The popular retreat centre had been available to church members and others for almost 70 years.
The BC Conference of the United Church of Canada has posted a Questions and Answers Page related to the closure of the Centre at Naramata.
Th current moderator of the United Church of Canada (and lead minister, in absentia, of St. Andrew’s-Wesley United Church in Vancouver) responded in this way to the announcement:
My heart and my prayers are with all the people for whom Naramata has been a home, a spiritual centre, a Christian lay-training centre, a place to work and share gifts; a place of renewal and laughter and community and God; prayers for people who have loved summers at the Centre; participated in Winter Session; taken a hundred and one programmes . . . or only one; for staff; for the board and all those who have been wrestling with hard decisions. Just lifting us all up to God. . . .
Gary Paterson, whose life has been changed by the Spirit at Naramata . . . starting in 1968.
TWU’s law school wins in Nova Scotia
A decision released by the Nova Scotia Supreme Court January 28 means that Trinity Western law school grads will be able to practice in that province. From a report on CBC News:
The Nova Scotia Supreme Court has struck down a decision by the Nova Scotia Barristers’ Society to deny graduates of British Columbia’s Trinity Western University the right to practice law in the Maritime province.

The Christian university had asked the court to review the society’s decision to deny accreditation to its graduates. It argued the law society overstepped its jurisdiction and failed to comply with the Charter of Rights and Freedoms. . . .

The Nova Scotia Barristers’ Society decided last April to impose a ban on articling students from Trinity Western University until it dropped a requirement to have students sign a community covenant. That agreement requires students to promise they won’t have sex outside heterosexual marriage.

The society argued the agreement represents unlawful discrimination against gays and lesbians under the charter and violates the province’s Human Rights Act. . . .

Last month, the British Columbia government revoked its support for the law school, saying the university can’t enrol students in the program because of the “uncertainty” over approval by the B.C. Law Society.

Trinity Western University has said it will also take legal action against the Law Society of Upper Canada in Ontario, which voted against approving the law school.

Meanwhile, law societies in Alberta, Saskatchewan, New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island, Newfoundland and Labrador and Nunavut have decided to accept Trinity Western’s graduates.

For a comment on the case from the Evangelical Fellowship of Canada – which had intervened in the case – go here. They also issued a news release, in which EFC president Bruce Clemenger said:
This decision in TWU v. NSBS is a significant affirmation of the freedom of religious institutions to provide a quality education in an ethos in keeping with their religious tradition. Religious institutions have a long history of contributing to the public good of Canada and make up an important part of the Canadian mosaic.

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