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Joe Fortes dressed up every Sunday to attend Holy Rosary Cathedral. (Vancouver Public Library)

The City of Vancouver recognized “the 100th anniversary of the passing of prominent community leader, lifeguard and swim teacher, Joe Fortes” February 4, as part of Black History Month.

Fortes had seen some of the world before arriving in Vancouver, but once here he pretty much settled down at English Bay.

Born in Trinidad, Seraphim ‘Joe’ Fortes sailed for England at 17, spending five years in Liverpool, where he learned to swim and then participating in a travelling swim team. He then joined the Robert Kerr as a crew member and sailed around Cape Horn. Arriving in Vancouver, he disembarked for good.

The On This Spot guided walking tour site has a very informative write-up about Fortes, along with several excellent pictures.

Most of it, naturally, is concerned with his lifeguarding and life around English Bay, but here is a brief portion about his faith, which refers to one of their pictures:

Crowds have turned out in their Sunday best for a baptism in English Bay. Joe may have been present that day as he was a very pious man, who sat every Sunday in his favourite spot on a pew in Holy Rosary Cathedral.

His undeniable virtues impressed many people in a time tainted with racial prejudice, especially the scandalous taboo of a ‘negro’ touching white women and children. On hot summer days when children would run off to the beach their parents shouted after them, “And don’t go away from where Joe is!,” knowing they were in safe hands.

Joe Fortes as he is generally remembered, guarding lives at English Bay. Photo by Stuart Thompson, about 1905. Vancouver Archives: AM336-S3-2-: CVA 677-440

Joe led a sober and frugal life. His upbringing in Trinidad had imbued in him a deep Catholic faith and he dressed smartly for Sunday services at Holy Rosary Cathedral.

Unsurprisingly, on more than one occasion he leapt into the ocean while in his suit to save a swimmer in distress.

Fortes died February 4, 1922:

Vancouver went into mourning. It was decided to hold a civic funeral for Joe, though this was an extremely rare honour. As his casket was borne from Holy Rosary Cathedral it was led by mounted police in dress uniform and followed by the mayor, council and practically the whole city government.

As the procession wound its way through the city more and more people lined the streets, standing silent and sombre. By the time the cortege approached Joe’s Beach the crowd had swelled to tens of thousands. It was the largest funeral in Vancouver’s history.

He was laid to rest at Mountainview Cemetery. His tombstone simply says ‘Joe,’ because everyone knew who he was.

Go here for the full On This Spot article.

Nora Hendrix co-founded Fountain Chapel in Hogan’s Alley

Throughout the month of February, Wayde Compton has been tweeting each day “one fact about the history of people of African descent in the city of Vancouver,” including Fortes.

So far he has also tweeted about:

* James Douglas: the Guyanese-born first governor of BC;
* Josephine and Philip Sullivan: signed petition of incorporation for City of Vancouver;
* William H.H. Johnson: targeted under Fugitive Slave Act; wrote memoir in Mount Pleasant;
* John Sullivan Deas: founded the most successful salmon cannery in the region;
* Grafton Tyler Brown; from abolitionist family; accomplished local artist;
* Sleeping Car Porters: “led to the black presence in Hogan’s Alley”;
* Nora Hendrix: co-founded Fountain Chapel, the black community’s church; helped raised grandson Jimi Hendrix.

Go here for earlier articles about Black History Month on Church for Vancouver.

St. Paul’s advocacy office closing

For the past quarter of a century, St. Paul’s Anglican Church has hosted an advocacy office, which has served thousands of people in the West End community.

The office has offered assistance with a wide range of issues pertaining to social assistance, disability, housing, income tax, pensions, tenancy, immigration, access to government services and more.

A February 2 Vancouver Sun article interviewed several volunteers and the church’s minister:

Yasmine Ghulamali, a volunteer with the advocacy office at St. Paul’s Anglican Church, said the program has provided critical help to low-income earners in wading through bureaucracy to find stable housing and income supports.

“By the time our clients reach us, they are completely overwhelmed. They’ve been dealing with a disability, many times they’re homeless and they have no idea where to go next,” Ghulamali said. “We guide them.” . . .

The office is set to close its doors this March after St. Paul’s leadership announced its plan last month to retire the program. Philip Cochrane, the rector of the church, said the termination is a result of findings from an independent review that saw the church commission an evaluator to meet with advocacy office staff, advocates and former clients. . . .

Go here for the full story and here for an article on the Diocese of New Westminster website.

Bishop Remi De Roo

One of British Columbia’s most prominent and respected religious figures passed away last week. Bishop Remi De Roo, the former Catholic Bishop of Victoria, died February 1 at the age of 97.

Victoria’s Times Colonist posted an obituary which included these words:

De Roo served as a priest for 12 years. In 1962, he became the world’s youngest Catholic bishop when he was appointed at the age of 38 by Pope John XXIII. De Roo spoke at the Second Vatican Council, 1962 to 1965, and was the last surviving bishop to have participated in all four sessions.

An advocate for married male Catholic priests and the ordination of women into the priesthood, he was instrumental in making contraception an issue at Vatican II and was seen as being in favour of birth control, said [Patrick Jamieson, founding editor of the Island Catholic News]. . . .

De Roo was critical of government policies that made it hard for the poor to break out of poverty. In the 1980s, he criticized then-prime minister Pierre Elliott Trudeau for Canada’s high rate of unemployment.

Paul Schratz remembered Bishop De Roo in The B.C. Catholic. Here is a brief portion related to his installation as Bishop of Victoria in late 1962:

Bishop De Roo had a dramatic arrival in the diocese with a solemn tribal ceremony re-enacting the arrival of Bishop Modeste Demers, the first bishop of Victoria, 117 years earlier.

B.C. Catholic article recounted how the new bishop arrived by canoe at the Tsalout Reserve near Victoria and was greeted by 11 war canoes that escorted him to the shore.

There he was made an honorary chief and bestowed with the name Siem Le Pleet Schoo-Kun, roughly translated as ‘High Priest Swan’ and a reference to a Coast Indian tradition of launching canoes and heading out to sea in spring at the sight of the first swan seen flying overhead.

One of the early tasks Bishop De Roo set for himself was to visit as many of the Indigenous people of his diocese as possible, and he maintained a close relationship with them for the rest of his life.

Go here for the full article.

Vancouver Sun columnist Douglas Todd placed Bishop De Roo fourth on his list of British Columbia’s 25 most influential spiritual leaders in a November 22, 2010 article.

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