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Doris Mah says the response to the Stand With Asians Coalition has been impressive.

Vancouver, Burnaby and Surrey joined with Toronto and Ottawa – more than 30 cities across Canada altogether – in proclaiming May 10 a ‘Day of Action Against Anti-Asian Racism.’

The idea began with Burnaby resident Doris Mah and took off over the past month.

Local rallies also took place outside SkyTrain stations across Metro Vancouver on the 10th. Mah has been featured in a number of media outlets.

CBC News posted a profile, which included this portion:

Doris Mah founded the Stand With Asians Coalition (SWAC) in late April in Burnaby after sitting at her kitchen table and hearing on the news that there was a 350 percent increase of incidents of anti-Asian racism in Burnaby related to the pandemic.

“I had to do something about it,” she said.

She heard of people being harassed at her local grocery store and saw videos online of people suffering. Her mother, who wore a mask out in public before Canada promoted the measure, said she felt uncomfortable with people staring at her.

Mah decided to take action by founding the coalition with members of her community. She then reached out to her city asking for a proclamation naming May 10 as a day of action against Asian racism. . . .

“I never knew the cities would come on so fast,” said Mah.

“I’m not a politician, I’m just a mom who is concerned about my Safeway five blocks away, where I go weekly, where a woman was harassed because she is Asian. It could have been me.”

Mah told me she has “tons of volunteers.” whom she credits with the quick growth of the initiative. But she does have some political savvy, not least from her role as chief of staff for New Westminster-Burnaby MP Peter Julian.

For six months, she coordinated an NDP campaign for universal healthcare (Private Members Bill C-213 was sponsored by Julian).

She was sorry to see the bill voted down by the Liberals and Conservatives in February, but said the silver lining was that she has been freed up to foster the Stand With Asians Coalition.

Mah said she has also derived considerable benefit from Regent College’s MALTS (Master of Arts in Leadership, Theology & Society) program, from which she graduated last year.

Vancouver issued a proclamation; Mayor Kennedy Stewart tweeted his support, with a short video, for the campaign May 10.

Mah suggested several points for action:

  • The first thing to “stop the bleeding,” especially in Vancouver, is to create a comprehensive, multilingual reporting system, both online and with a hotline, to report incidents.
  • Data must be collected; governments will not act or put money towards resources and education otherwise.
  • A lot of the awareness is being driven by second and third generation Asian-Canadians. She particularly appreciates the way they are fighting on behalf of their parents and grandparents.
  • Educating newcomers is important as they are often afraid to voice any concerns.

She said on CKNW’s Mike Smyth Show May 11 that she would like the Stand With Asians Coalition to increasingly work with like-minded groups:

What I would like to see is that organizations would come alongside with us. Different organizations are doing things; we’re all working toward the same goal. We need to work together against this. We actually have the Canadian Labour Congress, 3.3 million workers, backing us on this movement. . . .

She told me she would like to see churches take action as well.

We have to put what we believe into action. We preach a lot about equality and denying racism, but each church needs to look at its equity policy. I’m not saying we have to be perfect, but there’s a lot of posturing. Do we even have an equity policy?

Communicate by verse

CBC Radio’s On the Coast celebrated Mother’s Day, and recognized Covid hardships, by featuring Melinda Dewsbury and her mother, whose bonds have been sustained through poetry.

Here is a portion of the story:

March of 2020 won’t soon be forgotten – the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic marked a new way of life for people around the world as they dealt with loss, loneliness and processing a virus that was global in scale.

Melinda Dewsbury, a literature professor at Trinity Western University in Langley, B.C., describes that time as “discombobulating.” When she feels that way, she said, she often turns to poetry to process her surroundings.

But she was also missing her family, in particular, her mother, and wanted to include her in her poetic practice.

“Deep down, the person that I’m drawn to the most when I’m looking for comfort is my mom,” she told On the Coast guest host Margaret Gallagher.

Her mother, Diana Coldwell, lives in Owen Sound, Ont. When Dewsbury suggested they exchange poetry, she was thrilled.

“I thought this is a really great way to leave a record of this unprecedented time in our history, so I was really anticipating sharing our poems and getting feedback, and I just thought that was a great way to connect,” she said.

Since their exchange began, they’ve written 115 poems between the two of them.

Go here for the full story, including some of their poetry, and to hear the interview.

Permit indoor services

Pastor Giulio Gabeli in the parking lot of Westwood Community Church. CTV News photo

Pastor Giulio Gabeli was featured on CTV News May 9, asking the provincial government to allow churches to meet in person again. Here is a portion of the accompanying story:

A Coquitlam pastor is calling on the Provincial Health Officer and Minister of Health to amend COVID-19 restrictions so clergy and parishioners can once again gather indoors for worship.

Westwood Community Church has been holding drive-in services since March and several dozen people attended one Sunday morning.

“It’s been exciting to see many people that are thirsting and really desire to come together. I think there’s what we call Zoom fatigue,” said Giulio Gabeli, the church’s lead pastor.

The Johnson Street church has a large parking lot which can accommodate drive-in services, and an FM transmitter so people who wish to remain in their cars can still hear the music, prayers and sermons.

Gabeli said the church has remained in compliance with public health orders throughout the pandemic, but he finds it frustrating that places of worship are not considered essential.

“We’re asking for our provincial government to allow us to be considered essential services because we can help British Columbians and Canadians in general through this pandemic crisis,” Gabeli said.

Go here for the full story and video.

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