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Dr. Bonnie Henry and Adrian Dix presenting a COVID-19 update November 1. Government of BC photo

Be prepared for changes to provincial guidelines for worship services.

Provincial Health Officer Dr. Bonnie Henry and Health Minister Adrian Dix held a telephone town hall with about 120 religious leaders Wednesday afternoon (November 10).

While they were clear no change of directions is yet confirmed, and that they were consulting the participants in good faith, they did raise the possibility of tightening the rules.

“We want to ask for your counsel, your guidance, your advice,” said Dix, adding that while there are some positive signs, this is now a pandemic of the unvaccinated and vulnerable, and some of its strains are now more potent.

He said there has been “some increase of transmission and outbreaks in faith communities” over the past few weeks, especially in cases where some people are unvaccinated and some are not wearing masks.

Dr. Henry said, “I am very concerned as we head into the celebrations [Hanukkah, Christmas] that are coming up. We are in a very challenging place right now.” She said some faith groups are seeking more direction from the government, while others are tired of the restrictions we still have.

Under current guidelines, worship services are exempt from the provincial mask mandate and the requirement to provide proof of vaccination against COVID-19.

Erin Knott, Assistant District Superintendent (Executive Administration and Governance) for the Canadian Pacific District of the Christian & Missionary Alliance, emailed me:

My gleanings were that Dr. Henry and Adrian Dix were looking for input from faith leaders on ways to harmonize the orders regarding masks and vaccination proof. Dr. Henry has proposed making masks mandatory in faith settings and either requiring vaccination proof to attend services or allowing mixed groups (vaccinated/unvaccinated) to attend with capacity limits in place to ensure greater social distancing.

I got the sense that there wasn’t much pushback to making masks mandatory, but that requiring vaccination proof would not be welcomed by the majority of faith organizations and that it would be a significant point of contention and possibly division.

Another participant was Kathy Smith, Stated Clerk, Classis BC Northwest of the Christian Reformed Church in North America. She sent notes out to fellow CRC leaders, including these responses from several pastors on the call:

  • Drive-through and parking lot options become less ideal during the fall/winter. Therefore, okay with a mask mandate, and fewer people. Not a vaccination requirement (will cause division).
  • If make vaccinations mandatory for churches, leaves three options: leave the ministry, don’t follow it or have to turn people away. None of which this pastor wants to do. Rather see churches not gather at all than turn people away. Masks and social distancing okay.
  • Recommend that guidelines include: bare minimum, and then optional things to do to enhance safety.
  • In favour of vaccine passport requirements for worship services. We should be the same as everyone else. And online is now an option. Also, some not attending because of unvaccinated participation, so they might then come. Also supports a mask mandate.
  • Cannot canonically turn people away from services or sacraments, so speak against vaccine mandate, in favour of mask mandate and capacity limits.
  • Against a vaccine mandate. Okay with mask mandate and capacity limits.
  • Against a vaccine mandate. Encourage province to soften its approach and make guidelines voluntary rather than mandated, as mandates encourage pushback.
  • No vaccine mandate. Willing to do everything they can to work with other restrictions, e.g., capacity limits and masks, in order to minister to people in their communities.

Both Dr. Henry and Dix were clearly taking comments seriously and seemed weighed down by the decisions facing them. Dr. Henry was quite emotional as the conversation came to a close. Several of the leaders wished them well, commended them for their hard work on the issues and said they are praying for them – which both Dr. Henry and Adrian Dix said they appreciate.

UGM Women & Families Centre

Sandra Pronteau, who used to come to UGM for meals and shelter, now works there at the Sanctuary program. UGM photo

Union Gospel Mission (UGM) celebrated its new Women & Families Centre with a virtual opening event October 28:

For Sandra Pronteau, there is a sense of optimism when she thinks about Union Gospel Mission’s new Women & Families Centre. There was a time in her life when she needed a space like this.

“I wish they had this when I was a young mom. I probably would have used it,” Sandra, whose recovery journey eventually led to her becoming a UGM staffer, says. “I know when I see some of these girls come in, I see a little bit of me in them.”

The 77,000 square foot Women & Families Centre, complete with 63 housing units, will change the trajectory of entire families for generations – fewer women and children on the street, fewer children living below the poverty line, and a future where families can thrive instead of struggling to survive.

The Sanctuary, a unique supportive recovery program designed specifically for women and operated through a Wraparound Model of Care, including continuing aftercare support for the program’s alumna, will also operate out of the building.

“I’m most excited about being able to provide a culturally aware and trauma-informed environment for women and children for up to a five year continuum of care, where they can feel accepted, seen, known and enjoy relationships and support as they walk on this journey of becoming,” says Tara MacDonald, Senior Manager of Women’s Recovery & Housing.

This new building would not have been possible without the support of all three levels of government, including the Canadian Mortgage and Housing Corporation, BC Housing and the Ministry of Children and Families, and the City of Vancouver, as well as many foundations, businesses and individuals including Streetohome.

Go here for the full UGM media statement.

Extreme Weather Shelters

Tenth Church is an Extreme Weather Shelter.

The provincial government funds Homelessness Services Association of BC (HSABC) to oversee the Extreme Weather Response Program in Vancouver and Surrey.

The Extreme Weather Response (EWR) program is a provincially funded initiative that supports community-based services to provide additional temporary emergency shelter spaces during periods of extreme winter weather which threaten the health and safety of individuals experiencing homelessness.

This program is designed to provide time-limited, weather responsive, temporary shelter spaces in communities where there is not sufficient emergency shelter bed capacity during extreme weather conditions.

The expected outcomes of the EWR program are decreased health and safety risks to homeless people during periods of extreme winter weather, and a reduction of street homelessness during extreme winter weather.

HSABC staff identify and liaise with community service providers and faith-based organizations to secure shelter beds and determine weather thresholds for activation.

Six of the 12 Extreme Weather Shelters are in churches; they have been open since earlier this month.

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6 comments for “Around Town: Covid change?, Women & Families Centre, Extreme Weather . . .

  1. Please read Archbishop Vigano’s letters. The government does not have our families best interests at heart. This is a dark time in history and the devil has many faces. Please read everything you can about the vaccine; it’s not necessary and will never stop if you submit. They are now trying to convince you to take the third dose while trying to convince those with none that the first one will work. Please use your brain.

  2. Are these still the same 120 religious leaders being consulted? We have still not been able to find out whether any Eastern Orthodox or Oriental Orthodox Christians have ever been consulted at any time during the pandemic. Due to our varied ethnic and administrative differences, we constitute a larger group than may be apparent.

    Due to background of many under communist or other oppressive regimes, many Orthodox are very resistant to any kind of government interference with our worship. If any religious group should be consulted, Orthodox should be included.

    • Hi Donna:

      I’ve been on several of these calls (not all). While I have never seen a list of participants, the range of religions represented has been very wide, with various Christian groups as well as Muslim, Jewish, Sikh and other leaders. So I would be surprised if no Orthodox representatives have been involved.

      You could contact Naveen Girn, who represents the provincial government on these matters:


      • Thank you for the reference Flyn – my husband sent a letter earlier this year but had no reply. None of the other Orthodox clergy in the area he was able to contact at that time had been included in any of those consultations either.

  3. While appreciative of news on yet another inside session of faith leaders and the health authorities, I am suspicious. It continues to feel that given the length of the pandemic and the plethora of regulations, with an occasional loosening here and there, it is not for long. Why give up the reins of power once under one’s control, I wonder?

    Do any Church for Vancouver readers actually know anyone who died from the virus, and especially since the vaccines? I know of only one over the 21 months of it being declared a public health emergency (and she had pre-existing health conditions). None, since the double vaccine mandate.

    Worship services will continue whether underground, outside under canopies, in the middle of the night, in tunnels or caves and thankfully, the word of the Lord will withstand any and all attempts to muzzle, suppress and/or undue control measures. Mind us, it remains a fierce challenge if, and as, persons refuse vaccination.

    In the always destabilizing peace of Christ,

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