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Two groups which focus on the Great Commission and unevangelized people groups have created ‘Diaspora Missiographics’ to help us picture the demographics of our cities – and the dramatic potential of engaging with new arrivals.

They have just added five North American cities – including Vancouver.

Here is how Missio Nexus describes the work:

di • as • po • ra : the dispersion of any people from their original homeland.

People of many nations have landed on the shores of North America looking for refuge, community, a new home and hope.

These diaspora people groups have settled in urban areas often creating sub-communities within larger cities. In an effort to highlight the significant numbers of unreached people groups living in key cities across North America we are highlighting five cities and key demographics.

There are many mission agencies and churches that are engaged with direct ministry. But there is still a significant need for engagement for these people to be reached with the gospel and find true, lasting and eternal hope.

As global dynamics continue to change there are great opportunities at our doorstep to engage with people that were at one time difficult to access. God has brought the nations to us; will we be faithful in taking His gospel to them? . . .

Whether you are trying to mobilize people into mission or thinking through a challenging mission issue, you need insight. Increasingly our culture is gaining valuable insights from visual presentations of data (infographics).

We are committed to bringing you insightful data to help you make Spirit-led decisions. Missiographics brings mission data and powerful visuals together in a dynamic combination.

Go here to see the images for all five cities and for links to all their missiographics.

Missio Nexus thanked “our friends at Global Gates and Global Gates Canada for their partnership in making these Missiographics possible.”

Click image to watch video

Global Gates Canada is devoted to “reaching the ends of the earth through Canadian Gateway Cities.” Here is a portion of The Burgeoning Diaspora Dynamic of Canada, from their blog:

Attentive followers of Jesus now use the term [diaspora] in our contemporary times to describe the mass movements of individuals from many least-reached people groups at significant global levels from their places of origin to new places such as Canada. This is a modern reflection of what Paul described in Acts 17:26-27:

And he made from one man every nation of mankind to live on all the face of the earth, having determined allotted periods and the boundaries of their dwelling place, that they should seek God, and perhaps feel their way toward him and find him. Yet he is actually not far from each one of us.

Joy Tira and many other believers serving on the Lausanne Diaspora Leadership Team have documented this phenomenon through the biblical lenses of mission and missiology (see their Scattering to Gather: Embracing the Global Trend of Diaspora, as well as Tira’s and Uytanlet’s A Hybrid World: Diaspora, Hybridity and Missio Dei).

The world’s people are on the move. Globally, over 272 million people currently live away from their home country (United Nations, 2020), but the numbers are even larger when you add the children of immigrants, those who lived abroad and then returned home, and those who have internally migrated within their own countries.

Global Gates Canada is focusing on a new era of missions aimed at reaching a world already connected through global diaspora relationships.

The Lord is bringing immigrants and refugees from the ends of the earth into Canadian gateway cities. Yes, this is occurring because of the Canadian government’s desire and plan. But ultimately, it is the Lord Himself who is guiding immigrants’ and refugees’ path to Canada.

The gateway cities focused on by Global Gates Canada are Vancouver, Toronto, Calgary, Edmonton, Montreal and Ottawa.

Reconciliation Fund

Barbara Dowding is Chancellor of the Archdiocese of Vancouver. (B.C. Catholic photo)

The Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops (CCCB) made two major announcements related to Indigenous issues over the past few days:

* February 1: Meeting with Pope Francis: ” The Canadian Catholic Bishops, Assembly of First Nations, Métis National Council, and Inuit Tapiriit Kanatami are pleased to announce that the delegation to Rome to meet with Pope Francis, originally planned for December 2021, is now scheduled to take place at the end of March and early April of this year.”

* January 28: Indigenous Reconciliation Fund: “Canada’s Catholic Bishops have agreed to establish a new registered charity to support and advance healing and reconciliation initiatives. The charity is expected to manage the Indigenous Reconciliation Fund, which will accept contributions from 73 dioceses across Canada in order to fulfill the $30 million financial commitment made by Canada’s Bishops in September.”

Barbara Dowding, Chancellor of the Archdiocese of Vancouver and former National President of the Catholic Women’s League of Canada (CWL), will serve as one of three members of the corporation overseeing the project along with a board of three Indigenous leaders.

A January 29 article in The B.C. Catholic included these comments:

Dowding said the bishops were looking for individuals with an understanding of the Church across Canada and she hoped “our lay-led focus from the grassroots will help continue to promote healing and reconciliation.” . . .

“The CWL has a long history of supporting and reaching out to our Indigenous sisters,” said Dowding, adding she was “deeply honoured” to be invited to the committee. “I believe in its mandate to promote Indigenous healing and reconciliation initiatives with transparency and care.”

The CCCB statement continued:

“The Bishops of Canada are fully committed to addressing the historical and ongoing trauma caused by the residential school system,” said Bishop Raymond Poisson, President of the Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops (CCCB). “In moving forward with our collective financial commitment, we will continue to be guided by the experience and wisdom of Indigenous peoples across the country”. . . .

We recognize that there has been considerable disappointment with a previous Catholic fundraising campaign tied to the Indian Residential School Settlement Agreement. While the CCCB was not party to the agreement, we have recognized the shortcomings of this campaign and learned critically important lessons to ensure that the Indigenous Reconciliation Fund is fully funded and well managed with appropriate oversight. Additional information on the ‘best efforts’ campaign led by the Catholic Entities Party to the Indian Residential School Settlement can be found here.

Go here for the full CCCB statement.

CLAC donation

Image from MOSAIC’s migrant workers page.

CLAC (Christian Labour Association of Canada) has recently given two large grants to help fellow workers in need.

The union released a statement January 25:

The CLAC Foundation, CLAC’s charitable arm, has announced its commitment to donate $100,000 to create an emergency fund for migrant workers in British Columbia through its nonprofit partner MOSAIC.

The foundation will immediately provide MOSAIC $50,000, plus another $50,000 in June 2022, if the initial donation is matched through MOSAIC’s partners.

MOSAIC’s Migrant Workers Program provides funds to workers whose homes are flooded or have been affected by fires; who have lost their jobs; who need medical assistance; who are suffering from domestic abuse; or who need to travel home for a variety of reasons.

“We’re thrilled to do our small part to help some of the thousands of migrant workers in British Columbia, a number of whom suffer real hardship and need immediate support,” says Dan VanKeeken, program manager for the CLAC Foundation.

“We were impressed by the work that MOSAIC does with and for migrants, and we wanted to partner with them to help their efforts become even more effective. We hope other organizations will join us in creating this badly needed new emergency fund. It’s the least we can do for the hard workers who put food on our tables.”

“We are extremely thankful to the CLAC Foundation for helping us fill a significant gap in the support for migrant workers by allowing us to address emergencies in favour not only of the workers but also their families,” says Hugo Velazquez, senior manager for migrant worker programs at MOSAIC.

The CLAC Foundation recently announced another large-scale donation to help workers in British Columbia. In December 2021, with the support of CLAC, the organization provided $100,000 to the Canadian Red Cross to help with flood recovery efforts.

Formed in 1952, CLAC is a national union representing more than 60,000 workers in almost every sector of the economy. It has an office in Langley.

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