Around Town: Tim Dickau’s new role, Youth Unlimited supplies, Pray for Camp

Tim Dickau would love to hear from people who want to work for the “transformation of their neighbourhoods in pursuit of God’s kingdom vision.”

There is a lot of good will between most churches in Metro Vancouver, most of the time. And several ecumenical initiatives (More Than Gold, Voices Together, the Vancouver Consultation, for example) have drawn the Christian community closer in various ways.

But efforts to work together for our neighbourhoods and for the good of the city have been difficult to sustain.

Tim Dickau will have a unique opportunity to enhance cooperative ventures as the new executive director of CityGate Leadership Forum (CGLF).

The key factors are, first, that he will be focused on his new role, not being distracted by a primary allegiance to a particular church, ministry or other work and, second, that his background has suited him so well to this new position.

The new role

Jonathan Wilson, chair of the CGLF board made the announcement, saying that Tim will aim to implement these goals:

  1. Develop relationships with and mentor churches and pastors who are interested in taking incremental steps to engage, serve and work for the transformation of their neighbourhoods in pursuit of God’s kingdom vision.
  2. Assist churches in working together on systemic issues such as housing, food security and environmental sustainability through individual mentoring, inter-church collaboration and city-wide consultations.
  3. Partner with educational institutions for the study of urban issues with the aim of understanding the City and providing resources to churches to better take up their local mission.

Wilson added:

CGLF was created and guided through its early years by Jonathan Bird, now church engagement specialist for UGM. Jonathan says that he “is elated” by the appointment of Tim Dickau to succeed him and further the vision and work of CGLF.

For many years CGLF has worked quietly on issues of housing and food security, urban ministry and church networks. CGLF has sought to empower congregations and collaboration among congregations for doing good in the name of Jesus in their neighbourhoods and throughout the lower mainland. . . .

Tim has also taken on a part-time role with the Centre for Missional Leadership at St. Andrew’s Hall on the UBC campus, which he says will perfectly complement his main job with CGLF.

Well prepared

Co:Here Housing Community was built on Grandview’s parking lot at 1st and Victoria, just a block east of the church.

Tim recently stepped down as pastor at Grandview Calvary Baptist church. When he first arrived, the church was ready to close its doors, but it has become a thriving presence in its Commercial Drive neighbourhood.

He said to me:

I am really grateful for my 30 years at Grandview with people so committed to the community. I want to take what we learned in our church to the wider community.

During his last few years at Grandview he had already been moving towards a broader teaching/mentoring role, which meshes well with his new job description.

Tim and his wife Mary still live near the church, with one of three sons, a daughter-in-law, a grandson and many mealtime guests. They have had dozens of people live with them over the years.

A comment by Tim that I posted last year (Seeking the kingdom of God as a church in a post-modern age) gives a sense of just how responsive Grandview has been to its surrounding community.

Here is a portion:

The desire to bear witness to God’s restoring and reconciling kingdom has led us down at least four trajectories: fostering a diverse community, a more radical hospitality, justice for the least and confession have shaped our way of life personally and corporately.

Seeking the kingdom in this context has also led us to develop a number of initiatives and organizations including:

    • a free community meal
    • housing and support for refugee claimants [Kinbrace, now on its own]
    • many community houses
    • a social housing complex [the 28-unit Co:Here Housing Community]
    • social enterprises (including catering, pottery and renovations business out of the church building),
    • a policy-developing organization around issues of human trafficking and the sex trade,
    • an initiative to help churches implement recommendations from the Truth and Reconciliation Commission,
    • a support group for single moms
    • a social justice activist group
    • an urban prayer and retreat space.

All of these have grown organically out of the intersection of God’s vision for the kingdom, the gifts and passions of our church folk and the needs of our neighbourhood and city. And while we are a church of only 300 or so people with two congregations, we have and are developing a way of life in Christ and the power of the Spirit that continues to transform and sustain us and these initiatives.   

Go here for the full comment, and here for several articles by, about or related to Tim and his work at Grandview and in the Vancouver community.

Getting started

Tim Dickau has long-term connections with many local leaders, including David Bornman, host of the Vancouver East Ministerial Association. Photo: Peter Biggs

Tim describes his journey with Grandview as “a recovery and implementation of a fuller kingdom and parish vision,” and says he would love to hear from others in the broader Vancouver church who would like to work together on that kind of vision.

He recognizes that there is considerable diversity in the local church and that cooperation is not possible on all issues. His response:

My particular persuasion is that much of the desire for churches to work together has been lost because of a lack of focus on issues that we can work on together – housing, food security, environmental sustainability and others. . . .

We need to hold together [elements of the mission of God] that have been torn apart.

He agrees that his ability to devote himself to such cooperation will make a difference, saying, “If nobody is set aside, it will fall to the side.”

Though he officially began his new role just last week, he does have at least three projects on the go already:

1. Housing. He is planning a housing conference for November. He says the event will look at initiatives such as Co:Here, Kinbrace and Beulah Gardens as possible models. In the meantime, he is developing a brochure that will help churches move from having some interest in affordable housing to actually taking action.

2. Certificate program. He will establish a certificate program in missional leadership for congregational and community teams (pastors, elders, lay people, new monastic communities). The program will begin at the end of September; more information on that shortly.

3. Book. He is excited about his second book, which he is just finishing and will be out in the fall: Humility and Hope: Forming Christian Communities in a Secular Age. Some of the themes in the book are evident in a comment he posted last year: ‘Seeking the kingdom of God as a church in a post-modern age.’

Tim would love to hear from any person or church or community or educational institution interested in participating in one of the above-mentioned actions or goals. Contact: [email protected] / 778.239.5436.

Youth Unlimited: supplies

How can Vancouverites help youth struggling during social isolation and distancing measures? Keela Keeping described some ways to help in a May 6 release for Youth Unlimited:

Already vulnerable youth and low-income households are among the hardest hit by social distancing and isolation measures. Greater Vancouver Youth Unlimited (YU) has been purchasing and dropping off groceries and program supplies, but with limited funds and many gaps unfulfilled, we are turning to the public for assistance. Some items that less resourced families long for are items that other families are likely getting rid of or no longer need.

“It makes a world of difference,” says Mark Koop, YU’s executive director. “Youth went from navigating school, programs and support systems to help them cope, to suddenly it’s all taken away. At best it’s difficult boredom and loneliness – but for many it’s an intensified struggle with maintaining recovery, coping with anxiety and depression or dealing with challenging todangerous home environments.”

Mark Koop is executive director of Youth Unlimited.

Of the non-grocery need, Mark says art supplies are in extremely high demand. “It’s so specialized it took me by surprise, but it makes sense,” he says. “These aren’t supplies that most of our kids have around the house or can afford to buy. But when they have even just a few art tools, they hop on the video call, and just like that, they’re in the program again, with their friends, being challenged creatively.”

Mark explains that all the other games, from board games to puzzles to any type of video gaming or funds for a streaming service are all joyfully welcome game-changers for youth who will have limited options for a long time to come, “even as things ease up a bit.”

Mark explains that unsurprisingly groceries continue to make a huge difference. “Families have been living paycheck to paycheck,” he says, “and even small disruptions to the financial situation makes for tough choices between which basics to give up.”

The Joseph Richard Group, which is servicing take-out and delivery orders, has stepped up to be the drop-off points in Vancouver, Surrey, Langley, Abbotsford, Chilliwack and Maple Ridge.

What’s most needed (new or gently used – as appropriate)

* Groceries:
 Non-perishable food items
 Snacks + Care packages or items for us to assemble a care package
 Grocery store gift cards to buy perishables (Fruit/veg, meat, milk)
Life basics:
 Cleaning supplies + Hygiene items – wipes, sanitizer, gloves, masks
 Baby items – diapers and wipes
* Electronics to stay connected:
 Laptops + tablets
 Earbuds
 Pre-paid phone cards
 (We are happy to report that cell phones have been generously provided already)
* Activity supplies: items to help youth get through isolation, boredom, anxiety
 Art Supplies + craft supplies
 Video Game consoles + games
 Online games gift cards (ie: Switch)
 Subscriptions to online streaming services (Disney Plus, Netflix, Amazon Video)
 Board games, puzzles, books
 Toys (for young kids of the parents we serve)

The Viral Video Contest runs May 6 – 17.

* Drop-off locations

 Vancouver: Stanley Park Brewing Restaurant & Brewpub (8901 Stanley Park Drive)
 South Surrey: Townhall Public House South Surrey (3140 King George Boulevard)
 Langley: S+L Kitchen and Bar Langley (8399 200 Street, Langley City), 2 – 10 pm
 Maple Ridge: Townhall Public House Maple Ridge (206 20690 Lougheed Highway)
 Abbotsford: Townhall Public House Abbotsford (33720 South Fraser Way)
 Chilliwack: Townhall Chilliwack (6640 Vedder Road)
* COVID-19 Hours for all except Langley are 11:30 am – 8:30 pm

Funds are always welcome to help cover the inevitable gaps. To make a dollar contribution:

Keeping also said that May 6 marks the beginning of a Viral Video Contest, which ends May 17; go here for information.

Pray for Camp

Kelly Rempel is communications coordinator for Day of Prayer for Camp and serves at One Hope Canada. She recently wrote in The Light Magazine:

Typically an estimated 250,000 children and youth attend more than 400 Bible camps spread across Canada each year. Many hear about Jesus for the first time. Thousands of volunteers and staff make it happen.

Now Bible camps are scrambling to rethink summer ministry plans as the country tries to recover from the coronavirus outbreak. With social distancing and large group bans in effect, the potential for on-site ministry remains doubtful.

Some camps have already closed. Some may open to small groups, while others are stretching their creative wings and trying virtual events. Other camps are hoping to run summer programming as usual, if restrictions lift.

Prayer is needed more than ever as those serving in camp ministry navigate an unprecedented situation, trying to decide if and when to open and how to do ministry well in the meantime.

Rempel says there will be a Day of Prayer for Camp May 31:

Spearheaded by One Hope Canada in partnership with InterVarsity Christian Fellowship, Christian Camping International-Canada and Fellowship of Christian Camps (BC), Day of Prayer for Camp is a national project calling on Christians to pray for faith-based camp ministry.

Last year, more than 200 congregations and other organizations from across the country took part in the inaugural event, setting aside the last Sunday in May to pray. Churches featured camp speakers, hosted special lunches or themed small group activities, and prayed for camp.

Go here for the full comment.

May 2020

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Jun 2020

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